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China to inject 3rd dose mRNA vaccine

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Last May, Foson Pharma entered into joint venture talks with Germany’s BioEntech to set up the first mRNA vaccine factory in Shanghai.

BioEntech’s mRNA vaccine, BNT162b2, is the same vaccine as Pfizer-Bioentech Vaccine Fosun Pharma told the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in early July that Fosun Pharma had set up a 50 per cent joint venture with BioNTech to produce and sell mRNA vaccines from China. It has a production capacity of 1 billion doses per year and can expand the production capacity per month by another 100-200 million doses.

In this joint venture, Fosun Pharma invested 100 million US dollars. Through cash and production facilities, BioNTech has the same investment of $100 million. through the company’s production technology, proprietary knowledge, and discoveries. The joint investment contract is valid for 15 years, during which there may be further expansion of the cooperation base. to take the mRNA technology further

Foson Pharma’s parent company, Shanghai Foson Pharmaceutical Group, previously imported 50 million doses of the mRNA vaccine from BioNTech, and BioEntech said that More vaccines will be delivered to China to reach 100 million doses by the end of 2021.

You see, China deals with the establishment of an mRNA vaccine factory, how is the deal on the purchase of vaccines compared to the joint investment deal in the production of vaccines in Thailand? The Thai government’s vaccine procurement deal that doesn’t even know when they will deliver the vaccine. how many doses per month He knows only that he will send vaccines this year and sell dreams of “Tip Vaccines” to the people in June 5 million doses, July-November 10 million doses per month and make io hit people. calling for an mRNA vaccine to replace the less effective lethal vaccine They are underprivileged for vaccines. Today, China has proven the truth.

mRNA (messenger Ribonucleic Acid) vaccine is a genetically modified substance When injected into the body, mRNA directs the body’s cells to produce the protein thorns of the virus. The protein produced will stimulate the immune system (Antigen) in the body to recognize the COVID-19 virus. And build immunity (Antibody) up to get rid of protein thorns. When the body encounters a real COVID-19 virus, the immune system recognizes the virus and immediately eliminates it.

This is why Why do we need a third dose of mRNA vaccination to boost immunity to fight COVID-19? All kinds of species have finished reading, Ministry of Public Health. You should hurry to reserve the mRNA vaccine from China urgently. I believe that China will definitely produce and sell to compete with America.

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