China Trust established the “League of Legends” team to enter the new PCS season, and the public list will be announced on the 27th | 4Gamers

China Trust Education officially announced today (25th) that the professional e-sports team established by China Trust will simultaneously announce its participation in the 2022 “League of Legends” Pacific Championship Series (PCS); more information will be released in the near future.

In a statement, China Trust pointed out that it has supported outstanding e-sports players to stand on the international stage with practical actions for many years, sponsoring a number of e-sports events. In the past, it launched the first Taiwan e-sports credit card in December 2020. It is regarded as a brand-new milestone for China Trust to cultivate the young and new generation.

At present, China Trust regards e-sports as an industry that has been deployed ahead of time, and looks forward to creating a competition environment that is not limited by time and space.

It has now been confirmed that Taiwan Life Insurance, a subsidiary of China Trust Financial Holdings, willNangang Economic and Trade Park C3 Base Builds an International E-sports Venue, is expected to accommodate 5,000 people, provide players and fans with a new and high-quality event experience, and comprehensively optimize the development of Taiwan’s e-sports industry.

Following today’s announcement, more information on the CITIC E-sports team’s team name, players and coaches will be released on January 27.



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