China’s battery recycling plant exploded, the parent company’s major shareholder supplying batteries for Tesla is unknown whether it will have an impact-Hong

In recent years, both electronic products and electric vehicles have been rapidly popularized in China, and the battery industry behind them is also booming. A big explosion occurred in a waste battery recycling plant in Changsha, China. The major shareholder of the parent company of the plant is the Ningde era, which supplies batteries to Tesla.

The accident happened on the night of January 7. The plant belongs to Guangdong Bangpu Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., which mainly engages in the recycling of lithium batteries and the production of advanced battery materials. Its largest shareholder is Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which is the company that provides batteries for Tesla. The accident caused a total of 1 death and 6 serious injuries. The exploding mushroom cloud also shocked residents.

After the incident, many people wondered whether Tesla’s battery supply in China would be affected. Ningde Times responded that the plant involved was for battery recycling and not a facility for the production of Tesla batteries, but Tesla did not respond.

Source: Liberty Times


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