China’s claim that it is not an “international waters” in the Taiwan Strait, US administration refuses-increasing concern-Bloomberg

Officials from the Biden administration have decided not to accept the vague claim that China’s recent repeats of the Taiwan Strait are not “international waters.” China’s stance has heightened concern that provocations to Taiwan may mean more at sea in the future. A person familiar with the situation revealed.

Bloomberg reported last week that China has repeatedly claimed that the Taiwan Strait is not an “international body of water” in a meeting with US officials in recent months. It strengthens the prospect that China may be preparing a new counter to US influence and military power in key areas where the US and China have different perceptions.

China repeatedly insists that it is not an international water area, restraining rice over the Taiwan Strait-related parties

China has long claimed that the Taiwan Strait is part of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), indicating that foreign warships’ activities in these waters will be restricted. China has regularly protested U.S. military movements in the strait, but so far the legal status of the body of water has not been on the regular agenda at meetings with U.S. officials. The timing of China’s new claims has been a factor in increasing vigilance within the US administration, partly due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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