China’s Communist Party to crack down on ‘hostile forces’ over coronavirus protests – Bloomberg

While police were mobilized in large numbers in major cities in the country where protests against the Chinese government’s new coronavirus countermeasures took place last weekend, the Communist Party’s Central Political and Legal Commission, which oversees security and justice, has declared “hostile forces” and “subversive activities.” ” shows a policy to cut down firmly.

The Central Political and Legal Committee of the Party presided over by member Chen Wenqing PolitburoThe plenary emphasized that the security sector should take strong measures to maintain national security and social stability. He also said he would not tolerate “illegal and criminal acts that disrupt social order.” A statement was placed on the commission’s website.

The statement did not mention the protests in Beijing and Shanghai, but Hu Xijin, former editor-in-chief of the Global Times and known for his pro-government rhetoric, tweeted that it “sent a clear message of warning.” He argued that if protesters repeated their demonstrations, the risks would rise significantly.

Participants hold a blank sheet of paper during a protest in Beijing (November 27)

Source: Bloomberg

Police have been deployed in large numbers in major cities and around the scene of the outbreak after last weekend’s protests, and authorities are checking the identities and smartphones of passers-by. Massive police moves appear to have quelled fresh demonstrations, but plans are still being shared on social media groups and encrypted messaging apps.

Some pro-government commentators have suggested that so-called foreign forces are behind the protests.

In a video of a recent protest in Beijing, an unidentified man warned a crowd around him that “outside forces” were infiltrating the area. On the other hand, the demonstrators seemed to argue that the people here were all Chinese and patriots. Many people asked this man, “Are the foreign powers you speak of Marx or Engels, Lenin or Stalin?”

Bloomberg News could not immediately confirm the authenticity of the video.

Covid unrest in Beijing

Police guard the site of a planned protest in Beijing, November 29.

Source: Bloomberg

Original title:China Vows to Tackle ‘Hostile Forces’ Amid Covid Protests (抜粋)

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