China’s COVID-19 victims move 3 bodies, Beijing hits worst ever seen before

The BBC report on the situation of COVID-19 The cases are serious in China that China is currently facing a test of COVID-19. the most serious After the first death of COVID-19 in six months on November 19, in the midst of the discovery of infections of COVID-19 New cases in many parts of the country soared over 24,000 in one day.

On November 22, 2022, Beijing, the capital of China, reported 316 new cases of COVID-19 at 3:00 pm on Monday, November 21 local time. While deaths from COVID-19 have increased to 3 bodies since last Sunday afternoon Among them is an elderly man aged 87, which makes the cumulative total of deaths from COVID-19. in China rose to 5,229.

Beijing authorities increase lockdown of Chaoyang district Orders to close schools, shops, restaurants to prevent spread of COVID-19

The China Daily News in China reported that Liu Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Describe the situation of the outbreak of COVID-19. in Beijing that The situation at the moment is the most complicated. And there was a serious case of a type never seen before.

Beijing authorities have increased lockdown measures in Haidian. and Chaoyang in Beijing, where shops, schools and restaurants had to close. A day earlier, a spokesperson for the Beijing Executive Office warned that Beijing is facing a dangerous and complex case of preventing and controlling COVID-19.

Millions of people across China are now under lockdown. While still finding new infections rising And on Sunday, November 20, a person infected with COVID-19 was found. The number of new cases in communities across the country was 24,730, a record similar to the peak recorded in China in April 2022.

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