China’s Defense Minister targets the US… “If you try to take Taiwan, take all means”

Regarding the Taiwan issue, Chinese Defense Minister Li Sangfu, who attended the 20th Asian Security Conference in Singapore, said, “China will unify Taiwan, and if it tries to take Taiwan, it will use all means.”

Speaking today at the plenary session titled “China’s New Security Initiative,” Li said, “Foreign forces are interfering in China’s internal affairs, and the Chinese military will take all means to preserve its sovereignty and territorial integrity. ”

Then he asked, “Who is shaking the security of the Taiwan Strait?” and insisted that “China upholds the ‘one China’ principle, and Taiwan should be restored as part of China.”

Li’s comments appear to be a response to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s restatement of his opposition to “unilaterally changing the status quo” in Taiwan yesterday, pointing out that “the Taiwan Strait issue could be fatal.”

Director Lee also refuted the foreign policy stance of the Biden administration, “a rules-based international order,” saying, “It is said to be a rules-based international law. Who makes the rules?”

Meanwhile, Li said, “China has played a constructive role in issues related to the Middle East, the Korean Peninsula and Ukraine.”


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