China’s first corona death since May… 26,824 new cases confirmed on 20th

As the spread of the new coronavirus continues in China, the capital, Beijing, has reported its first death from the coronavirus since late May.

‘Reuters’ communication and US ‘CNN’ broadcasts reported that one death due to corona was confirmed in Beijing on the 19th, followed by two deaths yesterday.

The number of deaths in China due to corona is the first in about six months after one person died in Shanghai, which went into a long-term lockdown on May 26.

According to Chinese authorities, as of the 20th, 26,824 new cases had been confirmed across China, according to Reuters.

In particular, as the number of new infections in Beijing exceeded 600, saunas, PC rooms, playgrounds and movie theaters were closed in some areas.

Beijing city authorities asked residents of the eastern district of Chaoyang, a densely populated area, to refrain from going out.

In addition, students in different areas in Beijing explained that they are holding online classes today (21st).

Meanwhile, Guangzhou, a southern city with a population of 19 million, has imposed a five-day lockdown on Baiyun, its most populous district.

China has been adhering to the ‘zero corona’ policy, which requires containment, quarantine, and mass testing since the corona infection pandemic.

VOA news

* This article was sourced from Reuters.

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