China’s foreign minister must avoid words and actions that escalate conflict with Ukraine

Immediately after Putin’s ‘mobilization order’ was implemented, attention to the ‘implications of distancing from Russia’
Wang Yi stressed that “a ceasefire is the urgent priority” during a meeting with the EU diplomatic representative

China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged people to refrain from words and actions that worsen the situation in the Ukraine war.

According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on the 23rd, Wang attended a meeting of foreign ministers on the Ukraine issue of the United Nations Security Council held at the United Nations headquarters in New York on the 22nd (local time) and said, “We should promote relaxation the situation together.” All sides must maintain self-control and avoid words and actions that deepen the conflict.”

The call for ‘restraint’ can be a general comment directed at all parties in the war, including Russia, Ukraine, and Western countries.

However, it is striking that the Chinese diplomat spoke of “suppressing speech” immediately after Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a partial “mobilization order” on the 21st and made hard-line comments that could be interpreted to mean that up to in the age of nuclear weapons being used.

It can be interpreted as a comment showing that China is increasingly burdened with the current situation, which is seen as ‘one-hearted’ with Russia during the protracted war and receives more checks from the West than was before the war.

At the same time, Director Wang said, “The direction of dialogue and negotiations must be adhered to. The urgent task is for the parties to resume dialogue as soon as possible, reflect reasonable concerns in the negotiations, put action options on the table, and draw consequences. Bring peace,” he said.

“The international community must play a constructive role to help reduce tensions,” he said.

After discussing the adverse effects of the war on global energy markets and food security issues, Wang said, “We should not abuse our own sanctions, and even more so, developing countries should not pay the price.”

“The position of the Chinese side on the Ukraine issue is consistent and clear,” Wang said at the meeting.

“Due consideration must be given to the reasonable security concerns of all sides, and all efforts conducive to a peaceful resolution of the crisis must be supported,” he added.

This is interpreted as reaffirming the current position that it should support the situation in Ukraine, which has been invaded by Russia, and also consider Russia’s security concerns after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) moves on.

Earlier, during a meeting with European Union (EU) high-level foreign policy and security representative Rousseff Borrell on the 21st, Wang said, “The urgent task at the moment is a ceasefire.” Mr. said

“The situation in Ukraine is expanding and extending, and the worsening negative ripple effect is something that China does not want to see,” said Wang. I support it,” he added.

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