China’s freezing cold sets a new record of -53 degrees Celsius

On January 24, 2023, CCTV of a Chinese state television station reported that the weather is now very cold in many areas. But in Mohe City in Daxing Anling Province Heilongjiang Province which is far from the northernmost area of ​​the country The temperature dropped to -53 degrees Celsius, the lowest figure set a new record ever recorded.

News reports indicate that Mohe City has been freezing cold below 50 degrees Celsius for four to five days in a row. Over the past week, and this figure -53 degrees was measured at 7:00 on Sunday morning. This is lower than the coldest ever recorded -52 degrees Celsius in 1969.

The China Meteorological Administration said northern China is expected to experience extreme cold conditions for several more days. Along with the announcement of a cold wave warning in the northern, eastern and southern areas of the country.

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