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China’s Hengda default escapes…亞Honjo in the stock market, ‘adjusted’ to 63K of bitcoin

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[블록미디어 권승원 기자] China’s Hengda Group pays interest on dollar bonds and avoids default (default) until the 29th.

The Asian stock market, which had a shaky start due to the Hengda Group crisis, recovered its level thanks to news of interest payments. As the Hengda crisis is not completely over, concerns about unexpected disasters remain. Even on the 29th, Hengda Group has to pay interest.

The dollar weakened against the won and the yen.

In the domestic stock market, the KOSPI and KOSDAQ remained flat.

The Japanese stock market succeeded in reversing its uptrend due to the inflow of buying after the sharp decline the day before.

The Hong Kong stock market appeared to have recovered from the shock of the Hengda crisis. China’s Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.34%.

Bitcoin has focused on consolidating its price after the high price update. Investor sentiment has cooled somewhat after a flash crash at a major US exchange last night. Bitcoin fell more than 5% from the previous day and retreated to the $63,000 level.

  • Dollar/won = 1175.20 won, -2.00 won, -0.17% from the previous day (increased in won value)
  • Dollar/yen = 113.91 yen, -0.08 yen, -0.07% from the previous day (yen appreciation)
  • Domestic stocks = KOSPI 3006.16, -0.04% from the previous day, KOSDAQ 995.07, +0.14% from the previous day
  • Japanese stocks = Nikkei 225 28,804.85, +0.34% from the previous day
  • Chinese stocks = Shanghai Composite 3582.60, -0.34% from the previous day
  • Hong Kong stocks = Hang Seng 26,113.38, +0.37% from the previous day
  • Bitcoin = 63K

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