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On August 10th, China“Long March 6” Rocketreleased it. The rocket has an earth observation satellite “Jilin No. 1 substantial rating 03D09” and 16 aircraft had been put in. According to China Aerospace Science and Engineering Team Co, Ltd (CASC), which is in demand of China’s space development, the satellite was placed in the ideal orbit and the launch was successful.

[▲ Lansio roced hir Mawrth-6 o Ganolfan Lansio Lloeren Taiyuan, Tsieina (Credyd: CASC)]

A Extensive March 6 rocket carrying 16 satellites was introduced at 12:50 community time on August 10, 2022,Taiyuan Satellite Start Centrewas released from The Very long March-6 rocket is a a few-stage liquid-propellant rocket formulated by the Shanghai Institute of Astronautics (SAST), and is able of launching a satellite weighing about 1t into solar-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 700km . Extensive March 6 is a new rocket collection named “New Technology” in China, and this time will be the 9th launch mission.

[▲ Roced Hir Mawrth 6 wedi'i osod ar y pad lansio (Credyd: CASC)]

[▲ Roced Hir Mawrth 6 wedi’i osod ar y pad lansio (Credyd: CASC)]

The satellites on board this mission areChangguang satellite know-how Co., Ltd.An earth observation satellite designed by“Jilin No. 1” 03D sequence 10 velocity devices and infrared 6 collection devicesin. The large-stage 03D collection “Jilin No. 1” features Jilin No. 1 high-amount component 03D09 stars (Xi’an Air Toss No. 1), Jilin No. 1 large-stage element 03D35-41 stars (“Tenfu Constellation”)Dongpo01 ~ 07 stars), high score Jilin No. 1 03D42 stars (Henan No. 1), Jilin No. 1 high rating 03D43 stars (Puyin No. 1)put in it.

In addition, “Jilin No. 1” infrared collection contains A01-05 Jilin No. 1 infrared star (04-08 Yunyo No. 1 star) and Jilin No. 1 infrared star A06 (Tianjin Binhai No. 1). ).and here they areObserving in the discipline of meteorologyis becoming held. Jilin No. 1 has been launched considering that Oct 2015, and according to foreign media, by 2030A constellation of 138 satellitesprogrammed to be constructed.

This missionChina Terrific Wall Industrial Corporation (CGWIC) provides start companiesHe did. In accordance to CGWIC, due to the fact the Extensive March rocket entered the worldwide industry in 1990, the corporation has carried out 73 commercial satellite launches, launching 69 worldwide professional satellites and 67 domestic business satellites. In addition, CGWIC has provided 44 journey sharing missions and released 27 global commercial satellites and 104 domestic professional satellites into orbit.

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  • Impression credit rating: CASC
  • CASC – 16 stars with a single arrow! The start of Extended March 6 was a complete results
  • CGWIC – Good Wall Company successfully introduced 16 satellites the measurement of Jilin-1 Gaofen 03D09
  • CGWIC – CGWIC Launches Sixteen Satellites for Chang Guang Satellite Technological innovation Co, Ltd by LM-6 Start Car or truck

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