China’s Mount Everest mountaineering team gave up on the summit to save compatriots | The Hunan woman who was rescued refused to pay the full rescue fee | Fitz Sports Platform

The red shirt is the rescued Ms Liu

On May 18, Fan Jiangtao, the leader of Hunan’s Mount Everest mountaineering team, was preparing to attack the summit. When he reached a height of 8,450 meters and was 400 meters away from Mount Everest, he found a woman sitting on a stone slab with he only had one glove on, trembling all over. Oxygen was exhausted, his face was covered with ice and snow, and his life was at stake.

When Fan Jiangtao was lost, his Sherpa guide said “there is no rescue above 8,000 meters” and encouraged him to climb faster. Fan Jiangtao ignored him, and took the initiative to question the woman, and learned that she was also from Hunan, and her surname was Liu. After some persuasion, the Sherpas agreed to stop climbing to the summit to save lives.

Fan Jiangtao recalled that at that time he thought of Chen Xuebin, a Chinese who had just died on Mount Everest, and who was determined to bring his countrymen down the mountain, “even if it was a corpse.” As a result, he, another fellow Hunan team member Xie Ruxiang, and two Sherpa guides took more than 4 hours to send Ms Liu to C4 camp, and she was picked up by the mountaineering team she belonged to.

Fan Jiangtao and his team were officially praised

A domestic mountaineering group quickly climbed Mount Everest in 13 days

The reporter found out that Ms. Liu, the rescued climber, was participating in the domestic “Mount Everest Rapid Tour Group”. The itinerary is roughly:

  • At the end of April, I first went to Qinghai Yuzhu Mountain for high altitude adaptation training
  • Fly to Nepal on May 5
  • May 6 to Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5,400 meters
  • Departed base camp early in the morning on May 9
  • At 10 am on May 18th, he successfully climbed to the summit of Mount Everest

After Ms.

Fan Jiangtao and Xie Ruxiang

Only willing to pay $4000

After Fan Jiangtao saved Ms. Liu, he had to pay an additional rescue fee of US$10,000 to the Sherpa guide, which has not yet been paid. However, when Ms. Liu was sent to Kathmandu and everyone returned to China on the same flight, Ms. Liu did not mention the issue of repayment. Fan Jiangtao had to go to Ms. Liu to chase the arrears through friends. But Fan Jiangtao did not expect that Ms. Liu was willing to pay only 4,000 US dollars, and another 1,500 US dollars for guide tips.

Fan Jiangtao was speaking in court, “I don’t want one cent of this money, so don’t give it to me.” He and his teammate Xie Ruxiang each paid 5,000 yuan for the rescue fee. What angered Fan Jiangtao the most was that the four members of his mountaineering team affected their summit plan because they saved Ms. .

Source: Nanfang Net, Jimu News


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