China’s oral VV116 ‘treatment for COVID-19’ Effective against “Omicron”

The team of scientists found VV116 (VV116) Nucleoside drug against novel coronavirus infection covid 19 “Covid drug” Chinese food Able to reduce the duration of virus excretion by 2-3 days between treatment of patients infected with the virus. mutant species Oh Micron Researchers from Fudan University conducted a study to assess the safety and efficacy of V116 in 136 patients hospitalized for viral infection. Omicron species From 8-24 Mar.

A study published Wednesday (May 18) in the journal Emerging Microbes & Infections found that participants who received follow-up medical care standard divided into patients receiving medicationVV116 60 cases, while 76 others did not receive the drug.

The researchers found that the patients who received the drugVV116 Within 5 days after the first positive test result The mean time for elimination of the virus was 8.56 days, while the control group had an average of 11.13 days for elimination of the virus. Nine cases of mild adverse reactions were reported in the drug treatment group.VV116 Of these, 7 cases showed slightly abnormal liver function. Yet all were resolved without outside intervention.

YaVV116 is an anti-inflammatory drug.covid 19 Safe and effective diet by showing good potential in treating viral infection strainsOh Micronearly stage

The above drugs were used in trials in patients with disease.covid 19 Moderate and severe symptoms worldwide The latter has been proven to be safe and well tolerated by side effects. (well-tolerated) in testing with healthy people

The developers of the drug came from several institutions under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), including Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co., Ltd.
(Shanghai Junshi Biosciences) and Vigonvita Life Sciences Co., Ltd. (Vigonvita Life Sciences) in Suzhou.

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