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China’s ‘patriotic film’ Jang Jin-ho beats 007 and Marvel to lead the world in sales

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Sales exceeded 900 billion won within 18 days of opening… ‘Reservation’, the number one box office hit in China

BBC Names ‘Propaganda Movie’… “Inspire patriotism and show success”

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[바이둔 캡처. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Eui-jin = The Chinese film Jang Jin-ho, a Korean War-themed film, has surpassed the 007 and Marvel series films and recorded the world’s highest-grossing sales among movies being screened.

According to Forbes, an American economic media on the 17th (local time), Jang Jin-ho, which was released on the 30th of last month, which is the golden holiday of National Day, has earned more than 763 million dollars (about 96 billion won) in cumulative admissions until this day.

This is the profit of $447.52 million (about 531.3 billion won) from the movie 007 series ‘No Time to Die’, which was released on the 8th, and Marvel’s first Asian hero movie ‘The Legend of Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings’, which was released on the 3rd of last month. It greatly exceeds the revenue of ‘414.3 million dollars (about 500 billion won).

Jang Jin-ho has already surpassed $68.17 million (about 792.8 billion won) in sales within 13 days of its release.

There is also a forecast that Jang Jin-ho may become the world’s number one box office this year, as well as the number one box office hit in China.

According to Mojo, a box office tally site, this year’s world box office number one is the Chinese movie ‘Hello, Mom’ (你好,李煥英), which recorded $822 million (about 975.3 billion won).

The highest box office performance in Chinese movie history was ‘Special Forces War 2’, with ticket sales of $873.2 million (about 1.325 trillion won).

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movie poster

[AFP 연합뉴스 자료사진. 재판매 및 DB금지]

The film is based on the Battle of Jangjinho, one of the decisive battles of the Korean War.

In the winter of 1950, the US 1st Marine Division (15,000 men), which had advanced north to the Jangjin Lake area of ​​Gaema Plateau, was surrounded by 7 divisions (120,000 men) belonging to the 9th Corps of the Chinese Army and was on the brink of annihilation. refers to the retreating battle.

The BBC named the movie a ‘propaganda movie’ and cited the fact that it stimulated the patriotism of Chinese people amid the intensifying conflict between the US and China.

On the Chinese rating site Douban (豆瓣), there was a commentary saying, “I was moved by the sacrifice of the soldiers,” and that it inspired patriotism.

The film’s release date coincided with the National Day holiday of this year, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party.

Stanley Rosen, a professor at the University of South California, said: “To see this movie is in fact a patriotic duty.

Dr Florian Schneider, director of the Leiden Asia Center in the Netherlands, also explained that “Communist Party officials are often obliged to watch such films.”

The Chinese government’s policy to control the number and types of films distributed to theaters was also cited as a factor in the success of the film.

According to the BBC, there are currently no competing films in Chinese theaters, such as 007’s ‘No Time to Die’, which will be released at the end of October.

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