China’s recovery has been disillusioned and the RMB is hitting a new half-year low

China’s recovery has been disillusioned, the renminbi has hit a new half-year low, and with onshore funds speculating in US dollar arbitrage, China’s big four banks owned by the state lowers the interest rate on US dollar deposits. The effect of preventing the depreciation of the renminbi is limited. Hot money continues to flow into Singapore. , the loan-to-deposit ratio fell sharply, and DBS also lent 30 billion Singapore dollars to the Monetary Authority. A number of state-owned banks in China have cut deposit interest rates today in an attempt to stimulate internal circulation to save the economy One of the main reasons why China’s economy is sluggish is that people are not willing to eat, but they don’t do that.’ t stop drinking because they have no money, but save money Or use it to pay debts. #RMB#Xi Jinping#Deposit Rate#US Dollar#炒外#世界交品#星展#Singapore (“Mirror News” broadcast simultaneously on MOD508 and the YouTube channel.) For more financial information videos exciting and detailed, click —


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