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China’s state-run media to face boycott of the Democracy Summit

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“Creating an anti-Chinese faction… It’s just anti-democratic” Criticism

The Chinese state media harshly criticized the ‘democracy summit’ held by the US next month via video as a meeting to create an ‘anti-Chinese faction’.

The state-run Global Times claimed on the 25th that “The Joe Biden administration is making the so-called Democracy Summit into a small ideological group in order to contain China.”

The newspaper pointed out that the nature of the summit was questioned, especially paying attention to the inclusion of Taiwan on the list of invited countries for the summit and the exclusion of China, Russia and Singapore.

Zhou Ying (朱穎), a professor at China’s Sinan University of Law, told the Global Times that grouping based on ideology has been a tactic that the United States has been using since the Cold War era.

Prof. Joo said, “Democracy cannot be defined by one color or by one country.”

“Democracy is not a patent of Western countries and cannot be defined by Western countries,” said Zhang Jinquan, director of the Central Policy Research Office of the Communist Party of China, known as the “Xi Jinping Brain,” at a press conference to explain the 6th plenary session of the 19th Central Committee. Democracy methods cannot be one-size-fits-all, and the democratic systems and forms of Western countries are also different.”

Professor Joo also emphasized that Singapore, which serves as a bridge between the East and the West, has been classified as an authoritarian country, reflecting how narrow America’s democracy has become.

Another expert argued that China lacks understanding of China in relation to Western claims that China is becoming an authoritarian state.

“All modern countries are centralized, and in some ways the West is more centralized,” said Zheng Yung-Nen, an advisor to the Chinese government, global and contemporary director of the China Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. , and they act according to the goals of the leader’s governance,” he said.

Lu Xiang, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, argued that the summit would face a massive boycott.

After criticizing “the Democratic Summit, which was originally a meeting place for the heads of many countries, has turned into an ideological event,” he said, “They will not hide their intention to block China as a small faction and interfere in China’s internal affairs.” claimed.

This is a passage that is read as an incantation to encourage countries friendly to their country to bring about a boycott of the summit.

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Li-Jian (趙立堅) said, “Do not give any speech to the Taiwanese independence forces and do not encourage Taiwanese independence forces.” Roo will be burned to death by his own fire,” he warned.

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