China’s sudden loosening of prevention and control network reveals the truth: Local finance can’t get a penny out, it’s all IOUs-International

Shortly after the white paper revolution began, all parts of China quickly relaxed the epidemic prevention and control measures, and large-scale screening was no longer carried out. (Reuters)

2022/12/06 18:03

[Casgliad o Adroddiad Wei Guojin/Taipei]Just a few days after the start of the White Paper Revolution, all parts of China have lifted strict prevention and control measures of large-scale screening and mandatory central isolation. . An explanatory article on the Chinese online platform “Zhihu” said that this is because the local finance “really can’t get a cent out of it, it’s all IOUs and holes.” This article has been deleted by Zhihu.

The author of the article pointed out that his classmate is a civil servant in Zhuhai District, Guangzhou City, and he knows best why the local government suddenly relaxed the lockdown. The article noted, “For example, in the central isolation point, all the places that can be found are full, and the hotel even began to bombard people, because the previous fees have not been determined, and we the hotel can provide free accommodation. and meals all the time. Helpless, they can only use the school to do it. At the quarantine point, the parents complained wildly.”

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The article stated that because there was no money in the funding, and that even volunteers could not be found, teachers had to be recruited to do epidemic prevention work, leading to a shortage of teachers in the school, and students were forced to take classes on -line. in grade units, so the teaching effect was naturally low, but why? Want to recruit a teacher? “Because the education sector can continue to pay salaries as usual, and they can be mobilised.”

The article said, “If you don’t have money, you can’t do the work. Without money, not only will the various prevention and control work be unsustainable.” From the perspective of the overall economic situation, Guangzhou’s GDP growth rate this year is only 2% is an emergency. Guangzhou’s private economy is being developed, and the impact is particularly serious. If a large number of industrial and commercial businesses close, it is inevitable that there will be a large number of unemployed people. “At that time, not to mention mortgages and car loans, even maintenance stability will become a problem. This is the Guangzhou that the official media can not tell everyone. reality “.

The author’s classmate believes that the reason why Guangzhou was able to successfully punch the card (break through the control area) is because Guangdong’s economy is too important to China What is its purpose? Guangdong cannot provide this money, the pension in Northeast may not be paid. “

The article added, “Furthermore, Shijiazhuang (Hebei) is the same, nothing is free.” Some people joked that going to the point of isolation is eating free lunch for a few days. Many people stay at home and watch the grassroots workers busy After that, it is assumed to organize nucleic acid, contact and transfer, notify home, and register cases. However, if the staff on the ground find that there are more and more tasks, less and less pay, and even arrears, “How long do you think they can last? They all are human beings, and they all have to earn money to live.”

The article said, “It’s hard to imagine that cities are quiet all the time. People don’t work, don’t study, don’t act, don’t eat, and stay at home and wait for the zero to be cleared. Isn’t this just sitting and eating? It’s even more incredible that someone cares about this. It’s called “the people first”; “the supremacy of the people is not epidemic prevention supremacy. We should not underestimate people’s livelihood, economy and people’s lives in the name of preventing an epidemic, not to mention agreeing to “only the new crown is a disease, and other diseases are irrelevant”.

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