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China’s takeover of Taiwan takes only a few minutes… control the situation

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Hong Kong media reports citing Chinese government advisers… “China is in control of Taiwan’s situation”

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a speech at the 6th Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (the 6th plenary session of the 19th communist party) in Beijing on the 11th. On the last day of the meeting, the 6th Plenary Session deliberated and decided on the ‘CCP Central Resolution on the Significant Achievement and Historical Experience of the Party’s 100 Years of Struggle’ (historical resolution). yunhap news

Reports say that China is confident it will take control of the situation, saying it will only take a few minutes for China to take control of Taiwan.

According to a Hong Kong South China Morning Post (SCMP) report, a Chinese adviser said the Chinese leadership felt the situation in Taiwan was under control and that “the Chinese government says there is no need to worry as long as we control the overall situation.”

This position can also be confirmed through the US-China summit and the third historical resolution adopted by the Chinese Communist Party, the SCMP explained.

During a video summit with US President Joe Biden on the 16th, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, “We will try to achieve the vision of peaceful reunification with patience and the utmost sincerity and best efforts. Even if it crosses the red line, we will inevitably take decisive action.”

The SCMP analyzed that Xi emphasized ‘patience’ and ‘sincereness’.

The newspaper also explained that the CCP emphasized through its historical resolution that China takes the lead in cross-strait relations (兩岸, China and Taiwan), and that the timing and opportunity to achieve national reunification depend entirely on the Chinese side.

“If Taiwan’s independence forces continue to provoke, we also have a way to respond, but that’s not the same as war,” Yu Xintian, director of the Shanghai Institute, a Chinese government advisory think tank, told the SCMP.

“Some people think that ‘anti-Taiwan independence’ is the same issue as war or not, but it’s not that simple,” he said.

He explained that China can preemptively approach the Taiwan issue through legal, economic and cultural pressures.

For example, earlier this month, the Chinese government blacklisted three Taiwanese officials, saying that it would criminally punish Taiwanese who stubbornly pursue independence under Chinese law.

“China’s military power will only continue to grow stronger in the future, and this will make it difficult for other countries to stand on the side of Taiwan,” said Wei, adding that military methods should be the last resort.

“It will only take a few minutes to take over Taiwan, but we didn’t do it because doing so would hurt public opinion in the Taiwan Strait,” he said.

He also stressed that the Chinese authorities should be patient and calm public opinion in the country.

On Chinese social media, public opinion supporting the armed invasion of Taiwan is rising amid the rise of nationalism. .

On the other hand, there are observations that China may lose patience if Taiwan continues to push for independence.

“As the Taiwanese Democratic Progressive Party, which came to power six years ago, moved across the red line, we have been stepping up our military pressure and preparations and preparing for the worst,” Yang Lixian, a researcher at the Taiwan Research Association, a Chinese government-related group, told the SCMP.

Ren Yi, a famous blogger, said he was pessimistic about the possibility of peaceful reunification. “Time is not on our side. Like many others, I believe that President Xi has the ability to solve this problem, and it is difficult to find someone else to solve it.”


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