Chinese Discus Thrower Feng Bin Shines at the World Athletics Diamond League Xiamen Station

Feng Bin, the world’s best female discus thrower, stole the show at the Egret Stadium during the World Athletics Diamond League Xiamen Station. The stadium hosted a track and field feast, showcasing top athletes from around the globe. Feng, born in Xiamen earlier this year, dominated the competition and emerged as the champion in the discus throw event.

The Xiamen Diamond League returned to China after a four-year hiatus. The event featured four top-ranking events: the men’s 100 meters, men’s 800 meters, women’s 3000 meters, and women’s high jump. These events produced the best results in the world this year.

Not only did the Xiamen Station provide an opportunity for top athletes to showcase their skills, but it also saw impressive performances from 151 players representing 38 countries and regions. These athletes, including Feng Bin, achieved personal bests and set new records throughout the night.

Feng Bin’s victory in the women’s discus throw was particularly remarkable. She threw an impressive 67.41 meters, surpassing her competitors and securing the championship. This marked a significant milestone for Chinese athletes participating in the Diamond League Xiamen Station 2023.

The women’s 3000 meters race was fiercely competitive, with 15 players from various countries battling it out for victory. Kenyan athlete Chebet emerged as the champion, setting the best time in the world this year. Despite her achievement, her time fell short of the world record set by Chinese athlete Wang Junxia 30 years ago.

The men’s 100-meter race was a trapeze battle, featuring star athletes such as Coleman, Blake, and Xie Zhenye. Coleman clinched the championship with a time of 9.83 seconds, establishing the best time in the world this year. American athletes dominated the top five positions, showcasing their prowess in the event.

Ge Manqi, a local athlete from Xiamen, shone in the women’s 100 meters race, winning the championship with a time of 11.33 seconds. Ge expressed her joy and pride in competing in the breathtaking Egret Stadium, stating that it resembled the international competition stage. Ge has participated in the Diamond League before and hopes that the women’s 100 meters event will feature prominently in future competitions.

Apart from elite athletes, the Xiamen Diamond League also provided an opportunity for amateur players to showcase their talent. Zhai Yuyun, a remarkable 73-year-old athlete, participated in the women’s 100-meter mass group event and received warm applause from the audience. Zhai expressed her happiness and shared that running brings joy to her daily life.

Overall, the Xiamen Diamond League Station offered a thrilling sporting experience, highlighted by exceptional performances and record-breaking achievements. With the success of this event, Xiamen eagerly awaits the return of the Diamond League next year in April.

4 items from the world’s best female discus thrower Feng Bin, who was born in Xiamen this year, won the championship

Egret Stadium held a track and field feast Diamond League station Xiamen will see you in April next year

The World Athletics Diamond League Xiamen Station was held last night. The photo shows the men’s 110 meter hurdles final. (Photo by Xiamen Daily reporter Lin Minghong)

Xiamen Daily (Reporter Lu Pengyu) After 4 years, the IAAF Diamond League, established in 2010, returned to China. After hosting 11 Diamond League sub-stations and one World Championships, the Xiamen station held at the Xiamen Balu Stadium last night still had four events: men’s 100 meters, men’s 800 meters, women’s 3000 meters and women’s high jump and score the best in the world.

In addition to the 4 best results in the world this year, 151 players from 38 countries and regions also created 20 PBs (personal best results) and 11 SB (personal best results) in 13 races last night (best result’ r season) and 1 national record. Including the famous discus thrower Feng Bin who won the only championship for China, these players who have achieved great results praised Bailu Stadium and expressed their hope to come to Xiamen to compete again.

Eight Chinese players participated in six diamond point events including men’s 110m hurdles, men’s 100m, men’s triple jump, women’s discus, women’s long jump, and women’s 3000 meters. Feng Bin won the women’s discus championship with 67.41 meters, This is also the first tournament record created by a Chinese player at the Diamond League station Xiamen 2023.

fierce competition

Women 3000 US

10 people create PB

Xiamen Station has produced 4 world best results this year, including the crazy women’s 3000 meters. A total of 15 players from Kenya, Mexico, Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Burundi took part in the competition, and 10 of them created personal best results.

Chebet, a player from Kenya, won the championship with a time of 8:24.05, a full 4 seconds ahead of second place, creating the best result in the world this year. The Mexican player Laura, who won second place, created a new Mexican national record.

However, although Chebet set the world’s best time this year, it is almost 18 seconds short of the world record set by Chinese player Wang Junxia 30 years ago.

The women’s 3000 meter competition is fierce. (Photo by Xiamen Daily reporter Huang Shaoyi)

trapeze war

Coleman dominates the 100m

Xie Zhenye came in eighth

The men’s 100-meter trapeze competition has always been the most interesting event in track and field competitions, and the Diamond League station Xiamen is no exception. Last night’s game was almost an all-star affair, with popular players Blake, Coleman, Corley, Jacobs, Bracey, and Chinese host player Xie Zhenye all gathered in Xiamen.

Coleman won the 2019 Doha World Championships with a time of 9.76 seconds. Last night, Coleman won the championship with a time of 9.83 seconds in Xiamen, creating the best time in the world this year. It is worth noting that the Americans have once again shown their strong strength in the trapeze competition. Among the top 5 players, except for the second place is the Jamaican player Thompson, the rest are all American players.

Chinese player Xie Zhenye, who was hoping to break the 10-second mark before the race, was unable to catch up due to some slack in the starting phase, and won 8th place with a time of 10.12 seconds. Xie Zhenye said after the game that in the competition of the best players, it is almost impossible to catch up after starting behind. However, Xie Zhenye also expressed his admiration for the Xiamen stadium atmosphere, “For domestic competitions, apart from the National Games, the Xiamen Diamond League is the best.”

The men’s 100-metre trapeze battle hosted a star-studded line-up. (Photo by Xiamen Daily reporter Huang Shaoyi)

Chinese power

Feng Bin counterattacks with the last blow

Overtake the queen of the discus to win the championship

In Xiamen, the two most expected Chinese players are Xie Zhenye and Feng Bin. Xie Zhenye failed to show her best competitive condition. The 2022 World Championship champion, Feng Bin, did not disappoint the two world champions in the women’s discus and won the championship with the last throw.

As Xiamen Daily predicted before the game, the women’s discus throw competition has a lot to watch. Two-time world champion, two-time Olympic champion, Croatian discus queen Perkovic and Shinco world champion, American Tao Saga and fellow world champion Feng Bin staged a great fight. In the end, Feng Bin shot 67.41 meters in the final shot, surpassing Perkovic and winning the championship. Perkovic and Tausaga won second and third place respectively.

Feng Bin, who appeared in the mixed interview area, shouted directly when he saw the reporter: “I’m too tired, my legs are shaking all the time.” The previous goal of creating a personal best result, the score of 59 meters 77 is close to breaking the 60 meter mark.

Feng Bin greeted the audience after winning the championship.Xinhua News Agency


Xiamen’s Ge Manqi won the women’s 100m:

such a nice stadium

make me proud

Gemanqi is in the game. (Photo by Xiamen Daily reporter Lu Pengyu)

At the Tokyo Olympics, Xiamen’s Ge Manqi became the first Chinese athlete to advance to the women’s 100-meter semifinals at the Olympics. In the women’s 4 × 100-meter relay, the Chinese team led by Ge Manqi won the best. sixth place result in history.

Last night, Ge Manqi returned to Xiamen and participated in a competition in Xiamen for the first time in his life. In the women’s 100 meter professional group competition in the last game, Ge Manqi made a late effort and won the championship in 11.33 seconds. “I am very happy and proud that Xiamen can have such a good stadium. This location is the same as the stage where we participate in international competitions. The audience atmosphere in Xiamen is also very good.”

Ge Manqi has participated in the Diamond League many times before, and Xiamen is the first to host the Diamond League, Because there is no women’s 100 meter race in this race, she can only bow to participate in the padding race. On April 20 next year, Xiamen will usher in the second season of the Diamond League, Ge Manqi expressed the hope that the women’s 100 meters will become the main event in the future.

Talking about the difference between Egret Stadium and other big stadiums, Ge Manqi said that the design of Egret Stadium is great, even if it rains, half of the venue will not be exposed to rain. Furthermore, there will not be a particularly big wind in the location, which is favorable for achieving results.

Not long ago, canoeist Lin Wenjun won first place for Xiamen at the Paris Olympics. Apart from Lin Wenjun, Ge Manqi is the most promising athlete from Xiamen to participate in the Paris Olympics. She said she will work hard at the next Hangzhou Asian Games and strive to reach the standard as soon as possible.

A 73-year-old grandmother appeared in the pad game:

running does me

every day is happy

21 seconds 26! A full 8.5 seconds behind the champion. However, Zhai Yuyun, who won last place in the women’s 100-meter mass group of the Diamond League Xiamen Station Race, still received warm applause from the audience.

Zhai Yuyun is a 73-year-old “grandmother-level athlete”. He said after the game, “Running makes me happy every day.”

The opening match of the Xiamen Diamond League station not only provided a competitive platform for professional players such as Ge Manqi, Lin Yuwei and Xia Sining, but also gave amateur players such as Zhai Yuyun a chance to show themselves. There are also events such as the 100 meters for men over 50 and the 100 meters for men under 50 in the pad race. Many amateur track and field enthusiasts will add to their love of track and field by competing with world famous players in different times.



Ivana Vuleta of Serbia wins the women’s long jump. (Photo by Xiamen Daily reporter Lin Minghong)


The women’s high jump event set the world’s best result this year, which drew cheers from the audience. (Photo by Xiamen Daily reporter Lin Minghong)


The 3,000-meter obstacle course “Splash”. (Photo by Xiamen Daily reporter Lin Minghong)

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