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Chinese media “Subway rape case is a sign that America’s values ​​are at risk”

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People wait to receive a Janssen vaccine at Grand Central Station on the subway in New York, USA on the 12th (local time). © AFP=News1 © News1 Correspondent Won Tae-seong

China’s state-run media criticized the U.S. values ​​​​at risk over the subway rape case in Philadelphia, USA.

In an editorial on the 18th, the Global Times, the English version of the Global Times, said in an editorial on the 18th that individualism maintained by American values ​​can stimulate innovation in some situations, but as the Philadelphia case shows, for comfort, safety, and personal gain, some Americans believe in basic ethics and morals as human beings. He said he had lost his social responsibility. He added that this is a sign that American values ​​are in crisis.

According to the New York Times (NYT), a woman in her 30s was sexually assaulted by a homeless man in the Philadelphia subway on the 13th. At the time, passengers witnessed this, but ignored it.

While it is a crime in any civilized country to be raped in the subway in front of other passengers, the media pointed out that passengers filmed a brutal crime instead of stopping the rapist or calling the police.

It goes on to show that the pursuit of individualism in American society is beyond our comprehension.

The media said that when many netizens first heard about this, they thought it had happened in India, and could not have imagined such a thing happening in the United States, which claims to be the most developed country in the world.

He said that the United States has done more serious things than developing and underdeveloped countries in terms of social governance and value practices.

The media said that the United States has advanced in technology, military, and economy, but not in ethics, morals, and social governance, which is why the United States cannot be considered a fully developed country.

According to the media, people living in the US are afraid to go out at night because security in the US is a mess.

What is normal in the United States is shocking and frightening to people in other countries, especially moral people, and this is another example of social degeneration in the United States.

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