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Chinese pro gets 4th Swing Kan Ladies Open ranked No. 1 to continue making money.

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“Pro Chin” Atthaya Thitikul, a rising star from Thailand, took 4th place at the Ladies’ European Tour, the 2021 Kan Ladies Open in Finland. On the late night of Saturday, July 17, past Matilda Castrain, the local girl won the championship, with Thai girls still holding first hand in the highest cumulative rankings.

This competition will win a total prize money of 200,000 euros (7.596 million baht) from July 15-17 at the Aura Golf, a par 71 distance of 6,160 yards in Turku, Finland. After the end of the final round, Projeen Atthaya Thitikul added 1 under par 70 from 1 eagle, 3 birdies, 4 bogeys, scored a total of 1 under par 212, ranks 4th with Marian S. Norwegian Karp Nord and Indian girl Diksha Dakar each received a prize of 7,466 euros (283,558 baht).

The title of the tournament belongs to Finnish swinger Matilda Castren. who collected the final round, another 3 under par 68, finished with a total score of 5 under par 208, received a championship trophy with a prize money of 30,000 euros (1.139 million baht), with Tveza Malik from India and Ursula Vic Another Finland winner, Strom, took second place and received a prize money of 15,000 euros (569,700 baht).

The cumulative points ranking of Race to Costa del Sol is still Projeen Atthaya Thitikul, who retains the No. 1 position of the tour at 1,272.50 points, with Sanna Nutinen of Finland taking second place. 1016.42 points, with Australia’s Stephen Kyriagu ranked third at 955.58 points.

The next event on the Ladies European Tour will be the fourth major of the year with The Amundi Evian Championship for a $4.5 million prize pool (144 million baht) competing at the stadium. Evian Resort Golf Club, par 71 distance 6,434 yards in France Between 22-25 July this next.

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