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Chinese state media threatens Taiwan leadership, mentioning ‘forced force’

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Unification of armed forces in four stages: blockade, attack on military facilities, attack on neighboring islands, and landing
Emphasis on the need to show the strength, determination and military power of the Chinese people

[아시아경제 베이징=조영신 특파원] China’s state-run Global Times slammed the Taiwanese leadership on the 13th, saying that separatists (independence) are showing ‘last madness’ towards Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (Democratic Progressive Party). The media also threatened to unify Taiwan by force, such as blockade of Taiwan, attack on military facilities, attack on neighboring islands, and landing.

Photo = Capture of Chinese military network

After news of Taiwanese army commander General Xu Yanpu’s recent visit to the United States became known, the word “force” appears to have been used to pressure the Taiwanese leadership.

The media pointed out that the strength and determination of the mainland (China) people, especially military power, are essential to solve the Taiwan problem, saying that separatists are making provocative statements and actions, such as requesting assistance from the United States, to obstruct the reunification of the motherland.

“The Taiwanese separatists and the US’ words and actions have raised the anger on the mainland to the highest level,” said Chang Won-seong, a professor at Xiamen University.

“The Taiwanese military has the capability of asymmetric warfare, but the quality of Taiwan’s weapons and equipment is inferior to that of the mainland,” said Wei Dongxu, a Chinese military expert. threatened that

The Global Times said that if the mainland decides to use force against Taiwan, electronic warfare will begin first. It is said to blind the Taiwanese military’s eyes and ears, such as radar, and then destroy Taiwan’s major military facilities with long-range precision missiles. Afterwards, an amphibious force would enter Taiwan and secure the island, he said. In the process, he added that stealth fighters and aircraft carriers will prevent foreign powers (such as the US and other Western forces) from intervening in the air and at sea.

Chinese state media threatens Taiwan leadership, mentioning 'forced force'
Photo = Global Times capture

The Global Times emphasized that there is no room for compromise between independence and reunification as the principle of national reunification is firm in the mainland, saying that everyone has a foreboding that war could break out by accident.

“President Tsai’s mention of establishing formal diplomatic relations with the United States means that he has no intention of peacefully resolving cross-strait relations,” said Shao Chung-hai, a former Taiwanese politician and Kuomintang party member. And we need to consider a way to resolutely resolve the Taiwan issue by force.”

Beijing = Correspondent Jo Young-shin [email protected]


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