Chinese state media “What’s good for the US, Musk is better than Biden”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk (left), who visited China for the first time in three years on the 30th of last month, shakes hands with Foreign Minister Qin Gang in Beijing./AP Yonhap News

“Musk knows better than Biden what is good for America”

China’s most authoritative English magazine, ‘China Daily’ evaluated Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s visit to China on the 30th of last month. The media said, “The Biden administration sees no breakthrough in China-US trade relations, but Musk’s visit to China shows that American entrepreneurs do not agree.” (disconnect)’, but the ultimate losers are American entrepreneurs.” He also said, “Musk’s visit to China proves that there is no structure of ‘China vs. the United States’, only a conflict between those pursuing common interests and the selfish minority hawkish public (US) (China).

Chinese state media highlights recent visits by American businessmen to China, claiming that the US attempt to isolate China has failed. China Central Television (CMG, China Media Group) reported on the 1st that “foreign company heads, including Musk, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, and Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimun, visited China and made a ‘wave of visits to China’.[來華潮]”This is happening,” he said, adding, “A number of foreign companies have cast a ‘vote of confidence’ in the Chinese economy with their feet.” “Global companies will be the beneficiaries of China’s rapid economic growth,” he said.

The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese party, also published an article on Musk’s visit to China on page 2 of the 31st of last month, saying, “Musk continues to expand his business in China and tries to save on opportunities in China’s development.” The Global Times, the English version of the Global Times, said, “No matter how negatively the Western media talk about it, the Chinese market is still attractive to foreign companies.”

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also actively promotes Western company visits to China. The data on the 30th of last month emphasized the fact that Musk met with the Chinese Foreign Minister (Minister Qin Gang) and said, “The interests of the United States and China are inseparable like entwined Siamese twins. “

However, an official from the Chinese financial sector said, “This year, the government and state media started a public relations campaign at a time when foreign companies’ investment in China has decreased and efforts to leave China are in full swing.” According to the Ministry of Commerce of China, the scale of foreign direct investment (FDI) based on actual investment in China in the first four months of this year was $73.5 billion, down 3.3% from the same period last year.