Chinese students make a project ‘Long Rich’, masquerading as high-class, eat luxury, stay free in hotels-lounges for 3 weeks without paying a yuan (watch clip)

Chinese students use their knowledge of art to change their appearance to look high-class. So you can eat luxury – stay free at hotels and airport lounges in Beijing for up to 3 weeks without paying a single yuan.

Zou Yaqi, a 23-year-old student at Peking University. Choose a unique graduation project. She intends to transform herself into a high society woman or “Ming Yuan” to prove that it will help her gain privileges. And live comfortably for 3 weeks without spending money.

She told Sixth Tone that she was not a wealthy person. But the purpose of this project was to reflect to the audience the influence of capitalism and consumerism in China.

“It’s very interesting that things are expensive. These are often given away for free to people who already have a plethora of them.” Zhou said through a clip on Weibo.

She admitted that it took months to prepare. It starts with exploring supermarkets, cafes, bars and hotels. Expected to use the look of a high-so youngster to eat and drink for free. Including sleeping in a period of 3 weeks, also having to adjust the look to look like a real high-class person

Zhou began his mission on May 1, carrying a fake pass into the airport’s VIP lounge. It appears that the staff just glanced at the color of the paper. and allow her to use the service easily

Zhou admits she is “very worried” and thinks she will eventually be chased by employees. But then nothing happened.

The lounge was normally only available for three hours, but the staff didn’t mind if there were some guests overstaying. Served for free 3 times a day

Zhou also walked into a Gucci store at the airport and flirted until the employee gave her a free paper bag, which made her look even more classy on the outside. He then carried a Gucci bag and walked around the Louis Vuitton store until he received an invitation from an employee to attend the brand’s event.

After completing his mission at the airport, Zhou traveled to Dongcheng District in central Beijing. and using fake nobility stains to eat and use the free shower at a luxury hotel She also relied on invitations she received from her friends to attend the jewelry auction. and was also invited to try on the multi-million yuan jewelery

Zhou said that at some point she became accustomed to this lifestyle. and no longer feel embarrassed or worried about being caught.

after the experiment ended Zhou took the video clip, recorded over three weeks, and edited it and presented it at the graduation ceremony. It has become one of the most talked about art projects in China this year.

Despite some criticism that what she did was a hoax. But Zhou confirmed to Sixth Tone and the South China Morning Post that she was just a “normal” person with no hope for fame. And it is not intended to criticize income inequality. or any definition of nobility

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