Chinese Super League-Li Lei bid farewell to Anderson scored Dai Lin Jiangong Guoan 1-1 Taishan

Original Title: Chinese Super League-Li Lei bid farewell to Anderson breaks Dai Lin Jiangong Guoan 1-1 Taishan

On the evening of December 29, in the 20th round of the second stage of the Super League, Beijing Guoan faced Shandong Taishan. In the first half of the game, Anderson Silva broke the deadlock, Dai Lin scored to equalize the score, then Judson scored a goal, but was sentenced to offside. Beijing Guoan 1-1 Shandong Taishan at halftime. Both sides did nothing in the second half. In the end, Beijing Guoan drew 1-1 with Shandong Taishan.

In the last round of competition, Shandong Taishan defeated the Hebei team and locked in the Super League championship this season three rounds in advance. Beijing Guoan accumulated 28 points in 19 games before this round, temporarily ranking sixth in the championship group. For Guoan’s starting lineup, Anderson Silva and Li Lei are on the list. This game is Li Lei’s farewell game in Beijing Guoan; for Shandong Taishan, Delgado, Judson and Dai Lin start the game.

In the first half of the game, in the 2nd minute, Liu Yang shot a long shot from the outside of the penalty area above the crossbar. In the 6th minute, Guoan intercepted the ball in the frontcourt and Cao Yongjing missed the goal from the top of the arc. In the 10th minute, Delgado made a breakthrough from the right side of the penalty area and Houssen blocked the ball out of the baseline. In the 17th minute, Guoan broke the deadlock and Xu Xin made a mistake in the backcourt. Cao Yongjing stole the ball into the penalty area and knocked in the middle. Silva followed up with a calm push and scored. Beijing Guoan 1-0 Shandong Taishan.

In the 25th minute, Silva intercepted the ball and then lobbed, and Wang Dalei confiscated the ball. In the 28th minute, Shandong Taishan equalized the score. Shandong Taishan took the right corner kick and drove to the penalty area. Dai Lin bypassed the defense and scored in close range. Shandong Taishan 1-1 Beijing Guoan. In the 35th minute, Delgado took the ball on the right front of the penalty area. The inside cut opened the angle and then started a low shot. The ball was saved by goalkeeper Hou Sen. Jin Taiyan quickly cleared the ball. In the 38th minute, Jia Desong tripped Cao Yongjing in the backcourt defense and was shown a yellow card by the referee. In the 45th minute, Shandong Taishan overtook the score. Xu Xin took the left corner kick to the penalty area. Judson scored a goal in the center, but the goal was invalid under the intervention of VAR. The two sides tied 1-1 in the first half.

In the second half of the game, in the 52nd minute, Cao Yongjing caught the ball and knocked on the middle. Silva followed up and hit the goal and was blocked by Wang Dalei. In the 59th minute, Qi Tianyu’s right corner kick went to the front of the goal, Hou Sen attacked the ball to the outside, Duan Liuyu shot the ball angrily and missed it. Guoan then counterattacked, Silva volleyed from the left outside the penalty area and missed.

In the 63rd minute, Duan Liuyu scored the ball to the left. After Liu Binbin took the ball inside, he volleyed and Housen fell to the ground and stopped. In the 84th minute, Cao Yongjing rushed into the penalty area. Wang Ziming took advantage of the situation and knocked. Anderson Silva took a low shot. The ball was saved by goalkeeper Wang Dalei. Then Li Lei made a high pass from the left and Wang Ziming made a high pass in the penalty area. The header is high. In the 90th minute, Cao Yongjing made a cross from the left side of the penalty area, and Liu Guobo hit his heel before the point. Goalkeeper Wang Dalei struck out. Anderson Silva took a shot from the right side of the penalty area. Song Long cleared the ball in front of the goal line. In the end, the whole game ended and the two sides drew 1-1.

Beijing Guoan starting: 1- Hou Sen, 4- Li Lei, 24- Yang Fan (46’36-Liang Shaowen (U23)), 26-Bo Yang (U23) (46’38- Ruan Qilong (U23)), 8-Park Cheng ( 72’39-Xie Longfei (U23)), 15-Gao Tianyi (U23), 18-Jin Taiyan (64’29-Jiang Tao), 37-Cao Yongjing, 11-Anderson-Silva, 19-Liu Huan, 20 -Wang Ziming (85’32-Liu Guobo (U23))

Shandong Taishan starting: 14-Wang Dalei, 4-Jia Desong, 11-Liu Yang (56’7-Guo Tianyu (U23)), 16-Li Hailong (56’6-Wang Tong), 20-Chen Zhechao (56’39-Song Long), 35-Dai Lin (61’33-Jin Jingdao), 8-Xu Xin, 19-Delgado, 21-Liu Binbin, 32-Tian Xin(U23)(46’15-Qi Tianyu), 36-Duan Liuyu(U23)

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