Chinese Swimming Stars Share Their Universiade Experience: Making Up for Regrets and Enjoying the Game

Chinese Swimming Stars Reflect on Participation in Chengdu Universiade

By Shan Peng

The Chengdu Universiade swimming competition has been a triumph for the Chinese University Swimming Team, securing 14 gold medals so far. In a recent interview at the Chengdu Universiade Village, three swimming stars from the Chinese team shared their personal experiences of participating in the event.

Qin Haiyang: Seeking Redemption Through Chengdu Universiade

Qin Haiyang, who has been in exceptional form since the Fukuoka Swimming World Championships, not only clinched three gold medals in breaststroke at the Chengdu Universiade but also continually broke tournament records. When asked about his ability to maintain his performance levels during back-to-back competitions, Qin Haiyang attributed it to his consistent training. He emphasized the importance of building up strength through daily training, which allows him to withstand high-intensity games without compromising his performance.

Qin Haiyang has not only dominated in the water but also remained humble and approachable. When asked about his secrets to success, he modestly admitted that his experience may not necessarily apply to everyone. He believes that engaging in discussions and exchanging experiences with fellow athletes is a valuable learning opportunity for him as well.

Reflecting on his exceptional performance at the Fukuoka Swimming World Championships, where he won three gold medals in breaststroke, Qin Haiyang expressed great confidence in both his swimming team and Chinese swimming as a whole.

Off the field, Qin Haiyang, like many other young athletes, takes time to explore the Universiade Village, visiting night markets, exhibitions, and participating in cultural activities. As this is his first participation in the Universiade, Qin Haiyang sees it as an opportunity to make up for his regret of not being able to participate in the previous edition.

Li Bingjie: The Sound of Cheers Fuels Motivation in the Water

Li Bingjie, a 21-year-old Chinese swimmer, experienced the exhilaration of competing as a college student for the first time at the Chengdu Universiade. She expressed her pride in winning the gold medal as a representative of the host country. Li Bingjie, who previously broke the Asian record in the women’s 800m freestyle final at the Fukuoka World Swimming Championships, continued her winning streak at the Chengdu Universiade by securing her sixth gold medal in the 800m freestyle final.

Li Bingjie acknowledged that American swimming star Ledecky, who defeated her in the head-to-head clash at the Fukuoka Swimming World Championships, serves as her inspiration. The World Championships highlighted the gap between Li Bingjie and higher-level athletes, prompting her to develop an improvement plan. She emphasized the need for mindset adjustment, intensified physical training, and speed improvement to continue learning and growing as an athlete.

Zhang Yufei: The Universiade, A Lively Celebration of Sports

Zhang Yufei shared her perspective on the Universiade, describing it as a relaxed and lively event, akin to a “big party.” Unlike the intense competition atmosphere of the World Championships and the Olympics, she highlighted how the Universiade offers athletes the opportunity to enjoy and have fun together. Zhang Yufei enthusiastically revealed new friendships she made during the Chengdu Universiade, particularly mentioning a South African friend who shares her passion for swimming and the desire to see pandas.

Known as a “Model Worker,” Zhang Yufei competed in an impressive nine events at the Chengdu Universiade. Her participation in multiple events aims to enhance her ability to handle pressure and improve her performance. Zhang Yufei explained that her approach this year is aligned with her aspirations for the Paris Olympics, where she aims to compete against top athletes such as McNeil of Canada and Husker of the United States. She concluded by expressing her determination to surpass her own limits and achieve greatness at the Tokyo Olympics next year.

The Chengdu Universiade has provided an invaluable platform for these Chinese swimming stars to showcase their talents, learn from their peers, and form lasting bonds. Their experiences at the Universiade will undoubtedly contribute to their growth as athletes and serve as a stepping stone towards future success.

China News Agency, Chengdu, August 6th, title: Chinese swimming stars say Universiade: Make up for regrets, enjoy the game at home and make friends

Author Shan Peng

Since the start of the Chengdu Universiade swimming competition on August 1, the China University Swimming Team has played triumphant songs and won 14 gold medals as of press time. On the 6th, three swimming stars of the Chinese University Swimming Team were interviewed by the media at the Chengdu Universiade Village and shared their personal experience of participating in the Chengdu Universiade.

Qin Haiyang: Participate in the Chengdu Universiade to make up for years of “regret”

In Chengdu, Qin Haiyang continued his great form at the Fukuoka Swimming World Championships, not only won the “three gold medals” in breaststroke at the Chengdu Universiade, but also broke the tournament record many times. From Fukuoka to Chengdu, how does Qin Haiyang maintain his condition for continuous fighting? “I believe that the most important thing is to build up daily training. When a certain strength is built up, it will not ‘fall’ down. So, even if there are a number of high-intensity games in a row, each game is performing well.” Qin Haiyang said.

On August 4, Qin Haiyang of the Chinese team won the gold medal in the men’s 200m breaststroke at the Chengdu Universiade. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Chao

Qin Haiyang is a domineering “dragon” in the water, but he is a humble young man in life. “How do you swim so fast?” “What experience do you have?” At the Chengdu Universiade, more than one athlete “learned” from the world’s new swimming star. In the face of these problems, Qin Haiyang modestly said that his experience might not apply to everyone. In his opinion, exchanging experience with other athletes is also a form of learning for himself.

Speaking about winning the “three golds” in breaststroke at the Fukuoka Swimming World Championships, Qin Haiyang said, “This is a confirmation of the direction of my swimming team and Chinese swimming. Great confidence.”

Off the field, Qin Haiyang, like other young athletes, will take time to visit the night market, visit exhibitions, experience cuju and other interesting activities in the Universiade Village. “I really wanted to participate in the last Universiade, but I didn’t do it. It’s a little regret. “Qin Haiyang, who participated in the Universiade for the first time, said that the biggest significance of participating this year is to make up for this upset.

Li Bingjie: You can also hear the sound of cheering in the water

“Usually we can’t hear the audience cheering in the water, but this time we could hear everyone’s cheers clearly.” Chengdu Universiade is the first time for 21-year-old Chinese swimmer Li Bingjie to participate in the competition as a college student. There was a lot of fun in the stadium and I felt very motivated. I’m very proud to win the gold medal as the hosts.”

On August 4th, in the women’s 1500m freestyle final of the Chengdu Universiade, Li Bingjie of the Chinese team won the gold medal. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Chao

Li Bingjie, who broke the Asian record in the women’s 800m freestyle final at the Fukuoka World Swimming Championships, did not let the gold medal pass her by at the Chengdu Universiade. In the women’s 800m freestyle final on the 6th, she won the championship with a clear advantage. This is her sixth gold medal at the Chengdu Universiade.

American swimming star Ledecky is Li Bingjie’s idol. In the head-to-head clash in the women’s 1500m final at the Fukuoka Swimming World Championships, Ledecky defeated Li Bingjie to take the gold. “The World Championships let me see the gap in the future with higher level athletes. “Li Bingjie has already started the next improvement plan. She will adjust her mindset, continue to strengthen physical training, and improve speed. There’s a lot to learn in training and in games.”

Zhang Yufei: The Universiade is relaxed and lively, like a “big party”

“The Universiade is more relaxed and lively, like a ‘big party’. Everyone will not be affected by the emotions of serious competition of the World Championships and the Olympic Games. It is more like going to play together , and compare who can swim faster.” ” In Zhang Yufei’s opinion, an athlete may only have one chance to participate in the Universiade in her life, and Chengdu University is a worthy stop in her life.

Zhang Yufei cheerfully made many new friends at the Chengdu Universiade, “I have a friend from South Africa who swims in the 50-meter butterfly and 100-meter butterfly. She is always in the next lane to me . We chat and she says she wants to see big pandas.” , I recommend her to watch ‘Huahua’.” Zhang Yufei said.

On August 5, China’s Zhang Yufei won gold in the women’s 100m butterfly at the Chengdu Universiade. Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

“Model Worker” Zhang Yufei participated in 9 events at the Chengdu Universiade. “This is to exercise the ability to shoot multiple shots and continue to fight. I know how to deal with this situation in the Paris Olympics and solve it better. “Said Zhang Yufei.

Since the beginning of this year, Zhang Yufei’s mode of competition, access and mentality have gradually benchmarked against the Paris Olympics. “I am on the same level as McNeil Canada and American Husker. The three of us hope to win the championship and break the Olympic record. It depends on who has better timing and luck.” Zhang Yufei said bluntly. and plain that it is gradual this year. With the mindset that an Olympic champion should have, “Next year, I will work hard to break through and surpass myself at the Tokyo Olympics.” (End)

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