Chinese Teen Wolf Warrior “My ideal is very ordinary, to be the governor of Taiwan” Net exclamation: Why not challenge Xi Jinping to the throne

“My ideal is very common, to be the governor of Taiwan”, and the Internet exclaimed: Why not challenge Xi Jinping to the throne. (retrieved from twitter)

China introduced the “11th National Day” holiday week this week, and many artists and netizens have expressed their love for the country and the party. Recently, a video of a Chinese teenager sparked discussions among many Chinese netizens abroad, praising his “brave” speech and encouraging him to challenge the Chinese president in the future.

The teenager’s online name is “Li Li Juvenile Chat” He has been posting videos on Douyin since 2019. It can also be seen that he has grown rapidly from a young child to a young wolf warrior. Most of his channels are speeches and critiques of current political and economic issues, but most of his stances are oriented towards the Chinese Communist Party.

A recent video of “Li Li’s Juvenile Talk” has attracted the attention of overseas Chinese netizens. He said in the video: “My ideal is very common, that is to be the governor of Taiwan Province!” He also said that his policy measures “don’t want to be too mature”, but stressed that if they come true. the governor of Taiwan, first of all to maintain “patriotic education”, and also to expel all Japanese nationals, businesses, hospitals and schools in Taiwan. In addition, he will severely punish corrupt officials, “for corruption of more than 1 million yuan to life imprisonment, for corruption of more than 5 million yuan, death!”.

“Li Li’s Youth Talk” channel mainly tends to the CCP’s point of view. (Translated from Douyin)

He also sent a “Letter to Brothers in the Taiwan Army” before. (Translated from Douyin)

“Li Li Juvenile Talk”, after he finished his top 10 political opinions, said that the teacher had approved him for a long time, and even asked netizens: “Can I be the governor of this Taiwan Province?” Special netizens shouted: “Little Wolf Warrior, he has been poisoned too deeply.”, “I hope he can grow up well. ” Another netizen said: “The governor is too young, do the biggest thing if you want! Xi Jinping, you go! Some netizens also believe that a middle school student cannot say such a “line”, and there should be parental guidance behind it.

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