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Chinese vaccine helps Serbia become the number one in Europe!German media exclaimed-Hong Kong Economic Times-China Channel-National Conditions

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The supply of new crown pneumonia vaccine is in short supply, and many countries are facing a shortage of vaccines. Europe, the United States, and the United States and Canada have also been struggling for this recently. A European “small border country” outside the European Union, Serbia, has emerged. The vaccination rate has recently become the second in Europe after the United Kingdom and Europe. The mainland is the first developed country in the European Union. German media pointed out that the main reason why Serbia is leading the European vaccine competition is precisely because the country has received 1 million doses of Sinopharm’s new crown vaccine.

Bloomberg statistics show that as of the end of January, Serbia ranked seventh in the world with 6.4 doses per 100 people who had received the new crown vaccine, surpassing all European countries except the UK, and far ahead of Germany’s 2.8 doses and France’s 2.3 doses.

The German “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) asked, Serbia surpassed Germany, France and all other EU countries. How is this possible? Serbian Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar explained to the newspaper: Unlike Western countries, Serbia is committed to obtaining vaccines from all suppliers, so apart from the vaccines jointly developed by Pfizer/Germany BioNTech, Russia’s “Satellite V” and China’s Sinopharm The vaccine has also been on the market in Serbia for several weeks.

Loncar also said that he did his own work, not only in Serbia, but also the first person in Europe to be vaccinated against China. “To convince the most stubborn doubters.”

Hungary’s approved national medicine vaccine is the first EU country to use Chinese vaccine

According to reports, Serbia is currently leading the vaccination competition mainly due to China. So far, China has provided Serbia with 1 million doses of the national medicine vaccine, which is quite impressive for Serbia with a population of 7 million.

The article mentioned that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić kissed the five-star red flag when he greeted masks and other scarce supplies from China at the Belgrade airport in March last year. Later in Belgrade, “Thank you, Xi Big Brother” big advertisement. “This has caused exclamations in Europe. But until recently, even many of Vucic’s most stubborn opponents have believed that the president’s efforts to establish good relations with Beijing have paid off.”

When the first batch of Chinese vaccines arrived in Serbia in January this year, Vucic also greeted them at the airport. He said at the welcome ceremony: “We are proud of our friendly relationship with China.” He emphasized that he will work with the Chinese ambassador for at least 100 days to ensure the delivery of the vaccine.

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Loncar said that he hopes to maintain the current rate of vaccination. “Our strategy is to achieve herd immunity before the arrival of summer. Although we have already embarked on a broad road, we are also paying special attention to the situation in autumn because we need to prepare for the new coronavirus vaccination cycle and flu season.”

The report pointed out that facing the success of Serbia, neighboring countries are both envious and suspicious. Criticism of the government in these countries is increasing because they rely too much on the COVAX program to obtain vaccines. This plan is mainly funded by the European Union and implemented by the World Health Organization. It aims to ensure that countries with weak economies can obtain vaccines regardless of their financial resources. But critics believe that instead of relying solely on COVAX, bilateral negotiations with countries that have vaccines are as effective as Serbia.

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