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‘Chinese water cannon attack’ Philippines “Resume supply of military supplies” in South China Sea

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picture explanationFilipino protesters accuse China of claiming sovereignty over the South China Sea

The Philippines resumes supply of military supplies in its waters in the South China Sea, where water cannon attacks by Chinese ships have occurred.

Philippine Defense Minister Delphine Lorenzana announced on the 22nd that he had instructed military authorities to re-send military supplies to the Second Thomas Reef area, according to Reuters news agency.

After the incident, he continued to speak with the Chinese ambassador, adding that “China will not interfere this time.”

Philippine military western commander Ramil Roberto Enriquez said the number of Chinese ships near Second Thomas Reef was reduced from three to two and the fishing boats disappeared.

Earlier on the 16th, three Chinese ships fired water cannons at a Philippine military supply ship near Second Thomas Reef.

The Philippine Foreign Ministry strongly protested against the Chinese ambassador to Manila and urged the ship to be withdrawn immediately.

The United States, an ally of the Philippines, has also put pressure on China.

State Department spokeswoman Ned Price said in a statement on the 19th (local time) that “the mutual defense treaty between the two countries could apply to armed attacks on public ships in the Philippines.”

Located 195 km from Palawan Island, Second Thomas Reef is located in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

The Philippines has deployed some military personnel and warships here since 1999.

China has drawn nine lines (gudan lines) in the shape of a U in the South China Sea, claiming that 90% of it is its territorial waters.

On the other hand, in 2016, the Permanent Court of the International Court (PCA) ruled that China’s claim had no basis under international law.

The South China Sea is an economic and military strategic point where neighboring countries such as Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, China and Vietnam each claim their sovereignty.


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