Chinese Weightlifting Team Dominates the World Weightlifting Championships with 20 Gold Medals

The Chinese team dominates the World Weightlifting Championships, clinching numerous gold medals

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Beijing, China – The Chinese weightlifting team showcased their remarkable strength and dominance at the recently concluded 2023 World Weightlifting Championships. Led by Liang Xiaomei and Wang Zhouyu, the Chinese athletes managed to secure an impressive tally of medals.

In an extraordinary feat, Liang Xiaomei and Wang Zhouyu claimed three gold medals each in the highly competitive women’s 81kg category. Liang Xiaomei, who also emerged as the overall champion, shattered records by achieving a flawless lift of 159kg, consequently setting a new world record.

With their outstanding performances, the Chinese weightlifting squad achieved a staggering total of 20 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 4 bronze medals by the end of the tournament. Undeniably, this remarkable victory solidifies China’s superiority in the sport of weightlifting.

The women’s 81kg class holds immense significance as it serves as an Olympic-level category. Liang Xiaomei, an exceptional teenage talent known as the “post-00s” sensation, alongside the reigning Olympic women’s 87kg weightlifting champion, Wang Zhouyu, formed an exceptional partnership. Their outstanding abilities and synergy enabled them to claim three championships and one runner-up title at this level.

Looking ahead, Liang Xiaomei will elevate her expertise and compete in the women’s 87kg category at the forthcoming Hangzhou Asian Games. Spectators eagerly anticipate witnessing her formidable skills and extraordinary strength in action.

Regrettably, the Chinese weightlifting team encountered a setback in the women’s 87kg category and above event. Li Wenwen, the Tokyo Olympics champion and current world record holder, faced challenges during the lifts, failing twice and succumbing to immense pressure. Consequently, she decided to withdraw from the competition after her third unsuccessful attempt. However, Li Wenwen is determined to bounce back and is set to participate in the highly anticipated Hangzhou Asian Games.

The Chinese weightlifting team’s achievements at the World Weightlifting Championships exemplify their unwavering dedication, exceptional talent, and indomitable spirit. Their remarkable success reinforces China’s standing as a powerhouse in the sport, demonstrating their exceptional skills on the global stage.

Source: Guangzhou Daily All-Media, Reporter: Zhang Zhe

Original title: The Chinese team won 20 gold, 10 silver and 4 bronze medals at the end of the World Weightlifting Championships

Ocean Network News At the 2023 World Weightlifting Championships in the early hours of yesterday morning, Beijing time, Chinese team players Liang Xiaomei and Wang Zhouyu won three gold medals in the women’s 81kg category. Liang Xiaomei, who won the overall championship, also set a clean and unscored world record with 159kg. At the end of the World Weightlifting Championships that day, the Chinese weightlifting team won a total of 20 gold medals, 10 silver medals and 4 bronze medals.

The women’s 81kg class is Olympic level. Liang Xiaomei, the “post-00s” teenager and Olympic women’s 87kg weightlifting champion, Wang Zhouyu, formed the Chinese team’s double insurance and won the three championships and the second at this level. In the Hangzhou Asian Games, Liang Xiaomei will be upgraded to participate in the women’s 87kg competition.

Last night, Beijing time, the last event the Chinese weightlifting team participated in was the women’s 87kg category and above. Unfortunately, Tokyo Olympic champion and world record holder Li Wenwen failed twice in the lift and suffered stress, then gave up on her third attempt and withdrew from the competition. Next, Li Wenwen will also participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games.

(Guangzhou Daily all-media reporter Zhang Zhe)

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