Chinese women’s football training abroad finishes 4 high-level games Shui Qingxia can form a better lineup_Player_World Cup_warm-up game

Original title: Chinese women’s football training abroad finishes 4 high-level games that Shui Qingxia can better form a lineup

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China’s women’s soccer team has completed four warm-up matches after overseas training to simulate the World Cup group stage. The entire team will assemble again on January 26 and head to Spain for overseas training on February 10. In addition, four high-quality warm-up matches will be held on February 14, 16, 19 and 22 to simulate the World Cup. Also check out our tactical lineup route. The most important thing is that Shui Qingxia’s coaching staff wants to better observe the game status of domestic players through high-intensity and high-quality games. Including the competitive level of some foreign players and the real fighting level of some domestic veterans and young players, in order to select the best team to face the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

As we all know, in the 2023 Women’s World Cup, the Chinese women’s football team will face Denmark, the strongest team in the third tier, and the European champion team, England. I’m afraid it won’t be easy for us to qualify in the group. The match with the Danish team has become the key to see if the Chinese women’s football team can qualify. As for the game against England, if we can guarantee a draw that’s a perfect ending. Therefore, the Football Association has won four high-quality warm-up matches for the Chinese women’s football team, including against Sweden, who are currently ranked third in the world, and Ireland, who are currently currently ranked 23rd in the world, to simulate the games against Denmark and England.

Sweden and Ireland play in a similar style to England and Denmark. The positions of these two teams are also similar to those of England and Denmark. The Swedish team is currently third in the world, one place higher than England. We simulated playing against England by playing against Sweden to practice our defensive team? this point is very important. In the game against the Irish team, you must try to break through the opponent’s defense and try to score goals.

In addition, the Chinese women’s football team will also compete with two La Liga women’s football teams to improve their level. We must know that the competitive level of the La Liga Women’s Football League is very strong in Europe. Spanish women’s football has developed very quickly in recent years. They drew 0-0 with China in the Women’s World Cup 2019. Competing with La Liga teams will also help the Chinese women’s football team to have high quality matches. As our warm-up schedule is very close, there is basically a high-quality game in two or three days, which is a good simulation of the situation in the group stage of the Women’s World Cup.

What’s more, we found that there are many women’s soccer players studying abroad in Europe, and the Chinese women’s soccer team will go to Europe for training after the assembly, including some foreign women’s soccer players who has previously studied abroad in Australia and Europe A. a warm-up match between Ireland and the La Liga women’s football team. Shui Qingxia’s coaching staff can observe the learning and mastery of the tactical lineup they have arranged on the players through high-quality warm-up games. At the same time, it is also possible to better observe the competitive state and current technical level of domestic female soccer players, whether they are foreign players or players playing in domestic leagues, in order to form their soldiers better and draw a tit. -for-tat tactical lineup to welcome the World Cup, competitions, and to choose players better.

The Chinese women’s soccer team has many outstanding players from abroad. For our women’s soccer team, there are many players available in terms of the number of outstanding players. But we need to find out through real struggle that a group of players with the best game condition, the strongest technical and tactical level, and the most suitable tactics for Shui Qingxia’s coaching staff will host the World Cup. High quality games are conducive to the selection of players by the coaching staff, and are more conducive to improving our strength. It is expected that high-quality matches can help the Chinese women’s football team better prepare for the World Cup.

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