Chitta Wealth shows return of ’64 Jitta Ranking, beating the stock market

Chitta Wealth shows return of ’64 Jitta Ranking, beating the stock market

Date 15 Jan 2022 time 20:56

Chitta Wealth shows return, Jitta Ranking year 64, beat the stock market Jitta Ranking, Vietnam still holds the top spot, growing 68%

Mr. Trawut Luengsomboon Chief Executive Officer Chitta Wealth Asset Management Company Limited (AMAM) is the first Thai national Wealth Tech startup that is authorized to manage private funds. From the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and private fund provider Jitta Wealth revealed that 2021 is the year that the global economy and stock markets are still facing the Covid-19 crisis. continuously But the global economy and stock markets are moving forward. Because every country can adapt to the new epidemic and the mutated virus. including an increased vaccination rate resulting in economic growth in almost every country turn positive and growing at a high rate from the 2020 base that collapsed almost all over the world Meanwhile, the stock market index turned positive. Some markets have continued to record highs within a year, indicating that countries all over the world have experienced and learned from the first round of outbreaks. know how to deal with problems When there is a new outbreak while people can live and take care of themselves very well

For AI, the algorithm of Chitta Wealth Asset Management Co., Ltd. continues to work well. With the investment policy of private funds, Jitta Ranking, which uses the analysis of all stocks in each country to rank ‘good stocks, cheap to invest’ according to Warren Buffett’s principle, based on 3 main factors: business quality; reasonable value And the opportunity to grow and generate profits of the business. Then choose the best investment stocks according to the ranking. The system will buy each share in a similar proportion. to spread the risk And review stocks, adjust the portfolio every 3 months from the date of investment

For the year 2021, with investments since the beginning of the year, Jitta Ranking’s returns invested in individual stocks such as Vietnam, US, China and Thailand can beat those countries’ stock indices. Does not disappoint investors who invest in Chitta Wealth, which can be summarized as follows: Jitta Ranking Vietnam stocks still produce the best performance. Dominated with a remarkable 68.72% return, compared with 37.31% Vietnam Stock Market Index (VNTRI), the hottest stock market index of 2021 and one of the 7 strongest stock markets. In 2021, due to the strong fundamentals of the country Relocation of global companies growing export sector and the expanding consumption sector While the stock market is soaring Despite experiencing a new wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam stock market indexes Make new highs throughout the year 2021

As for the outlook of the Vietnamese stock market in 2022, there is a good growth prospect. The World Bank expects Vietnam’s economy to grow 6 to 6.5%, as well as the conflict and tariffs between the United States and China. Make Vietnam an alternative supply chain source. Promote the export sector and foreign direct investment (FDI). Infrastructure development plan to facilitate the manufacturing sector in international freight forwarding. The restructuring of the Vietnamese stock market will strengthen the system. And create more confidence for foreign investors. More importantly, the Vietnamese stock market is rich in good stocks that are not expensive. Because only investing by focusing on individual stocks can be profitable for investors in this year 2022

Jitta Ranking US stocks posted a 49.99% performance last year, compared with a total US stock market (S&P500) return of 28.71%. Listed firms benefited from greater openness and increased consumer demand for goods and services. Growing, increasing profits Pushing stock market indices, including the Dow Jones Index, the S&P500 Index and the Nasdaq Index, hit record highs in 2021.

For the US stock market outlook in 2022, investors are still concerned about the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. End of QE measures within the first quarter Raise interest rates at least 3 times by 2022 High inflation in 40 years Bottlenecks, insufficient supply to meet people’s demand All of them are factors that affect the investment picture in 2022, therefore, the investment selection should focus on individual stocks. The business is highly competitive. It has growth potential and fair prices.

Jitta Ranking China, launched at the end of June 2021, has a return since inception of 6.57%, beating the China Stock Market Index (CSI300) with a total return of -3.03%. It has been under pressure from the Chinese government’s business scrutiny. in the technology group including the real estate business crisis Resulting in the overall volatility of the Chinese stock market index. Investors avoid investing

For the trend of the Chinese stock market this year. clearly signaling growth With the investment value of megaprojects reaching 3 trillion yuan, the government promotes investment in clean energy. It is estimated that wind and solar power installations total 97 gigawatts, accounting for 40% of the global installed volume. The real estate sector’s financial position has improved. The economy continued to grow steadily. As a result, many of the world’s major financial institutions Have a positive view on the Chinese stock market in 2022.

Jitta Ranking SET yield 2021 grew 38.41%, while SET Total Return (SET TRI) stood at 17.67%, although the SET has been pressured by the COVID-19 Delta strain since the beginning. April onwards and the domestic economy will be heavily affected But companies with foreign income are the main driver of the SET index. The value of Thai exports from January – November 2021 increased by 16.4%, reaching $246 billion. The tourism sector boosted the economy at the end of the year from the project. “We travel together” and the opening of the country to accept foreign tourists

The outlook for the Thai stock market in 2022 continues to face high volatility, with Covid-19, the Omicron strain being one of the main factors. causing economic activity in the country to slow down affecting the manufacturing and tourism sectors, while companies with competitive advantages There is a distribution of income sources abroad. have income from exports will generate good returns in 2022

“It can be seen that in 2022, there will still be factors depressing the stock market in some countries. Investments are always risky. The stock market consists of many environmental factors. both predictable and unpredictable Not to mention the investor sentiment that causes the index to fluctuate in the short term, we are committed to continuously developing investment technology. to reduce the impact of short-term volatility or from the bias and emotions of investors Finally, the business value and long-term share price It will reflect the fundamentals of the stocks you invest in,” said Mr. Trawut.

In addition, the company also studies other stock markets. Interesting and growing well In order to continue offering Jitta Ranking investments to investors in 2022 such as Hong Kong, the financial and economic center of Asia. and the Japanese stock market With the world’s third largest economy, both the Hong Kong and Japan stock markets are very attractive. Because in addition to the big market in the top 5 of the world, there are also interesting small business stocks, which are good stocks with a lot of cheap prices.

Chitta Wealth Asset Management Co., Ltd., as a Wealth Tech start-up, continues to develop technology ready to offer products and services to investors To provide investors with more options to access world-class investment opportunities. and technology that will help build a portfolio for long-term sustainable growth Its main mission is ‘Help investors create better returns through simple investment methods’. through the easiest investment method) and adopting Warren Buffett’s philosophy that has always been ‘Buy a wonderful company at a fair price’ (investing in a good company. at a reasonable price) to develop an AI algorithm to invest even better.

Chitta Wealth Asset Management Co., Ltd. offers private funds with management fees of only 0.5% per annum, portfolio management with world-class technology. For those interested in investing, you can learn more at Or ask for more information at LINE @Jittawealth



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