Home Tech “Chivalry 2” free update “Fight Knight” is now available! Melee mode and new swordsman weapon “Rapier” are now available | Game information site Gamer

“Chivalry 2” free update “Fight Knight” is now available! Melee mode and new swordsman weapon “Rapier” are now available | Game information site Gamer

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In this update, there are two new modes, “Brawl Mode”, which is chaotic like a brawl in a bar, and “Last Team Standing Mode”, which has no respawn, and a new swordsman weapon “Rapier”. In addition, players with amputated arms will be able to attack enemies with a new attack method “headbutt”, and can enjoy more radical battles.

In addition, at the limited-time Halloween event that is being held from the same day, decorations and equipment with pumpkin motifs will appear. The familiar medieval battlefield shows a strange look.

Comment from Torn Banner Studios / CEO and Creative Director / Steve Piggott

“Chivalry 2” is a very long-playing game. We have already finalized our content release plan by the end of 2022. By continuing to work on updates like today’s Fight Knight release, our development team promises to double the size and scope of Chivalry 2.

“Fight Knight” update content

“Brawl Mode” and map addition

In this mode, you can experience a noisy and chaotic atmosphere like a fight in a bar. Place your weapon near the door and sit in a chair. Let’s hit someone’s face in that chair!

Two brawl maps

Up to 40 players will participate in the brawl on the new maps “The Great Hall” and “Rudhelm Feast”.

Available objects

Players can pick up and swing anything on the map. Accept the chaotic situation and get chairs, beer mugs, rolling pins, sausages, giant fish and more to beat your rivals.

「Last Team Standing Mode」

For players looking for a more immersive team battle, the popular mode of the original Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is back. Fighting up to 40 people without respawns is like gambling. The team that remains until the end will be the winning team.


Don’t be fooled by a headbutt! A player who loses both hands and feet in battle can make a headbutt attack as a last chance before dying.

Weapon “Rapier”

It is a new swordsmanship weapon that can rampage quickly and brilliantly.

Halloween event

From October 26th (Tuesday) to November 7th (Sunday), we will hold the first seasonal event “Halloween Event”. The event will feature new equipment such as pumpkin helms, Halloween-themed decorations, and interactive objects such as the giant Jack-o-Lantern that can be used as a weapon.

・ “Rudhelm Siege”, “Dark Forest”, “Great Hall (Brawl mode)”, and “Wardenglade (Free-for-All and Last Team Standing mode)” will be decorated for a limited time with Halloween decorations.

Arena mode improvements

An offline practice mode has been added to improve your team’s skills and teamwork. Other overall improvements have been made, including the addition of a winner’s podium scene.

Armory update

In addition to the new weapon “Rapier”, we have added various costumes and skins such as armor sets, women’s armor skins, helmet skins, weapon skins, and even flashy mustaches.


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