Cho Byung-gyu, CEO of Woori Financial Capital, CEO of Woori Bank… ‘Corporate Finance’ Kangja

Woori Finance Committee recommends final candidates for bank president
Competitiveness in corporate finance, excellent sales force highly rated
Management policy emphasizing ‘strategy for holding company, sales for subsidiaries’
He revealed his impressions of “the power of the whole body for the revival of famous corporate finance companies”

Cho Byung-gyu, the new president of Woori Bank

[중소기업투데이 황복희 기자] Cho Byeong-gyu, CEO of Woori Financial Capital, was nominated as the new president of Woori Bank.

Woori Financial Group (Chairman Lim Jong-ryong) announced on the 26th that it has recommended the current CEO of Woori Financial Capital, Cho Byeong-gyu, as a candidate for CEO of Woori Bank.

According to the group’s management policy of “strategy for holding and selling companies for affiliates,” the Jachu Committee explained that the criteria for appointing the president of the bank has the highest priority to “sales power.” He added that he highly commended Candidate Cho for having competitive sales skills and experience, and in particular, for having excellent experience and vision in corporate sales.

Candidate Byeong-gyu Cho expressed his feelings, saying, “I will do my best to revive Woori Bank as a prestigious corporate finance company, and I will do my best to create a new corporate culture together with Chairman Lim Jong-ryong.”

Candidate Cho has accumulated experience in the corporate sales sector, from head office corporate sales headquarters corporate branch manager (2012), head of conglomerate review department (2014), Gangbuk sales headquarters (2017) to corporate group executive vice president (2022).

In fact, Candidate Cho made the Sangil Station branch, which was his first job as a branch manager, a first class store, and while working as the corporate branch manager of the corporate sales headquarters at the head office, he was awarded first. and second in the DPA (performance evaluation standard) of each bank (2013 and 2014), respectively, having proven its competence.

Achievements in the innovation sector were also addressed by the Jachu Committee.

When he was the executive vice president of the corporate group, he started building a supply chain finance (SCF) platform that connects large companies and small and medium enterprises, and completed it in half a year, showing the momentum to launch ‘One Biz Plaza ‘ for the first time in the financial sector. One Biz Plaza was presented at the recent annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as a concrete example of how banks realized win-win financing and shared growth, and received favorable reviews.

He has also achieved successes in the field of nurturing small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). In December last year, he was awarded the Silver Tower Industrial Service Order of Merit by the Ministry of Small and Medium Businesses and New Businesses for financial assistance to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for his contribution to the implementation of various small and medium business support. policies to resolve the economic recession and financial difficulties caused by Corona 19.

The Jachu Committee evaluated Candidate Cho as the right person to maximize the sales power of corporate finance and increase synergy between related companies by forming a team with Chairman Lim Jong-ryong, who he said would make Woori Financial a strong player in finance corporate.

Woori Financial Group confirmed four long-listed candidates for Woori Bank president on March 24 and held a bank president selection program for the past two months.

Woori Financial Group said, “Based on the experience gained through this bank president selection program, we plan to further develop the ‘group management succession program’ in the future and develop it as an opportunity to establish a new corporate culture. “

Cho Byung-gyu, CEO of Woori Bank, will be appointed at the general shareholders’ meeting scheduled for July 3, and the representative candidate of Woori Financial Capital, which will become vacant, will also be recommended by a Committee Woori Finance.

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