Cho Dong-yeon, the first recruit, resigns due to controversy over privacy… Human rights violation accusation of YouTuber


Cho Dong-yeon, who was ambitiously recruited by the Democratic Party before the presidential election, resigned today (3rd) by himself.

This is because of the privacy controversy that arose right after the appointment.

In addition to the political practice of receiving blood transfusions as a new person in every election, serious human rights violations, especially against family members, were raised.

Correspondent Roh Tae-young.


Cho Dong-yeon, who was the first to be recruited, and who was trying to lead the Democratic Party’s election as a two-top party leader, resigned.

It is only three days after recruitment.

It was because of the past privacy controversy that arose right after the appointment.

[송영길 : “사퇴 의사를 밝히면서 제발 자기 아이들, 가족들에 대해서 공격을 멈춰줬으면 좋겠다…”]

Last night, Chairman Cho said on his SNS that he would carry it on his back, and he also formally resigned from CEO Song Young-gil.

Candidate Jae-myung Lee also said that he was sorry that Chairman Cho and his family were seriously hurt, and that he would take all responsibility.

Chairman Cho had a strong intention to take into account the privacy of his family, and it seems that he made the decision to hurry up and get rid of the sudden bad news that the issue of privacy is constantly being discussed.

What was revealed in this process is the problem of the practice of recruiting outside personnel.

The Democratic Party hastily recruited Chairman Cho, seeing the symbolism of a woman in her 30s, a woman, a working mother, and the universe.

Ahead of the election, there is no choice but to point out that there was a rush for image transfusion.

Within the party, there is also a theory of responsibility as CEO Song, who led the recruitment.

[노웅래/민주당 의원 : “과열된 인재 영입을 하는 과정에서 생긴 인사 검증 실수다, 이건 실패다…”]

Controversy continues over the link between private life and political activities in the past, some say that it is not necessary to know about personal life long ago, but there was also a strong view that it had no choice but to be considered in view of public sentiment.

The response of the Democratic Party in this controversy was confusing.

While they refuted the allegations as fake news, the YouTube channel Garosero Research Institute exposed the identity and face of Chairman Cho’s child as it was.

[양태정/민주당 선대위 법률지원단 부단장 : “미성년 자녀의 실명과 생년월일까지 공개하며, 그 미래까지 짓밟는 비인간적이고 악랄한 행위를 하였습니다. 그 가족들의 처참한 심정은 이루 말할 수 없습니다.”]

Although the Democratic Party took some steps to accuse lawyer Kang Yong-seok and others of defamation to the prosecution, it was after human rights violations that had already crossed the line.

This is Noh Tae-young from KBS News.

Cinematographer: Choi Yeon-song/Video Editing: Ahn Young-ah


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