Cho Huai Band sends MV for the song “I still miss you”, happy, lonely, sad.

Known for gathering to play music at various events, causing a large following of fans. “Still missing you” under Music in Dreams Record, the first single in 10 years, led by Nongning-Inthura Nathongchai (female vocals), Pipe-Pitchyut Amornsak (male vocals), BELL-Thosatham Pengnaree (guitar), Tom -Ponnapat Thananchaipat (bass) and Ton-Prawet Jomprasit (drums)

Shohua Band

Soon after the release of the single, the response was better than expected. Shohua Band So the full MV of the song “I still miss you” was sent to hit the hearts of fans again… “After two years of composing this song, Bale, is based on what we sometimes thought would be good. But it might not be. Future content is also uncertain. So we live in the present and make the best of the moment. Because we can never know in advance how long we or what we love will be with us, but our love and care will never disappear.” Bales said the guitarist

Today was really fun. We woke up early in the morning to get ready. I’m also excited because this song is quite emotional to convey. Nongning was afraid that he would not do well. Singing to the inside is very full. I almost cried too. I have friends and supporters here who always cheer, help, encourage me. I’m trying to do my best. Anyway, please follow the work of our first single, Cho Huay Band too. Thank you very much” Nonning leading voice, he said

Artist music video song “I still miss you”. Shohua Band Got the mother MV heroine Nong Chompoo Sasi Nguyen Wan A sweet, beautiful, sexy idol who has already won the hearts of netizens. undertake the task of conveying the emotion of pain to reach the most emotional. pipe The male lead singer of the band to take a position that made the young man the envy of the whole country Behind the camera, friends, members keep teasing and teasing them to be a new real life partner to’ r serious industry. It made the fans of both sides sizzle.

Chompoo Sasi Nguyen WanChompoo Sasi Nguyen Wan

MV directed by Khun Por of Porproduction Follow to watch the MV “Still miss you” by the artist, Cho Huay Band at YouTube, Cho Huay Band Official and follow more details at band, /@showhuay_band

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