Cho-Im Han from Camilla, a girl group who challenged ‘Mistrot 2’…

It is known that Choim Han from girl group Camilla appears in’Mistrot 2′.

On the 12th, TV Chosun’Mistlot 2 Tomorrow’ released the profile video of the qualifier participants. The netizens who watched the video of the preliminary participants on this day confirmed the appearance of the former girl group Camilla, Han Cho-im, and showed a hot reaction.

Cho-Im Han is a sexy beauty who made her debut with the girl group’Camilla’ in 2018. At the same time, he appeared in season 1 of Mnet reality program’Love Catcher’ in the same year, and made an issue with a unique image.

In the profile video of’Mistlot 2′, Choim Han wore a bold red colored dress and released a sexy image that was much more intense than before.

‘Tomorrow is Mistlot 2’, featuring Han Choim, will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 17th.

Reporter Joo-won Choi



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