Cho Kyung-tae’s sigh “You’re stuck with the party leader… Lee Jun-seok should also take responsibility”

Lee Jun-seok, representative of People’s Power. yunhap news

Although Lee Jun-seok, the representative of People’s Power, has stepped down from the Central Election Committee, internal red flags within the party are still unresolved. There is also an interpretation that the conflict is escalating to extremes as a nerve war between presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol and President Lee Seok-yeol continues. In response, Cho Kyung-tae, chairman of the Joint Election Committee, criticized both sides on the 28th, but also scolded Lee by saying, “As the party leader, I should have a heavier responsibility.”

Chairman Cho talked about the social network (SNS) rhetoric between Kim Tae-heum, the special director of the senior vice-president general group, and Kim Cheol-geun, chief of the political affairs office, the third-term leader, which recently surfaced on KBS radio’s ‘The Strongest Current Affairs of Choi Gye-young’ on the same day. ‘No,’ in itself, doesn’t look very good in the current presidential election.”

He added, “However, the party leader also has a sense of responsibility as the top person in charge of leading the party, and why he made such an expression (must think).

Kim Jong-in (far right), chairman of the People’s Power General Election Countermeasures Committee, speaks at the 5th meeting of the National Election Countermeasures Committee on the 23rd, while Lee Yong-ho and Cho Kyeong-tae, the People’s Power Joint Election Commissioner, are in attendance. news

With next year’s presidential election just around the corner, the people’s power is still in a state of confusion. The tension between Candidate Yoon and CEO Lee is not going away. At a meeting of the election committee the day before, Candidate Yoon made remarks that seemed to be aimed at Candidate Yoon and President Lee, who criticized the election committee from the outside, saying, “It is difficult for anyone to become a third-party commentator or critic.”

Then, CEO Lee countered, “Democracy is for anyone to make suggestions for better results in their organization.” This seems to be an expression conscious of the fact that Candidate Yoon previously said “democracy” over the clash between Chairman Lee and Supreme Council member Jo Su-jin.

After that, the redemption continued. Director Kim Tae-heum said on SNS the day before, “The position of party leader is not a position to act like a panel or a critic, but a position with unlimited responsibility.”

Director Kim Cheol-geun, the representative of Lee, counterattacked against Director Kim. He raised his voice, saying, “This is how you hear people say, ‘This is a ‘tiktak, kkondae.’

“I appreciate the unity of the Democratic Party”

Yoon Seok-yeol (second from left in the front row)), the presidential candidate for People’s Strength, walks through an apartment complex with former Governor Won Hee-ryong after a press conference urging the special prosecutor’s investigation by visiting the site of Daejang-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do on the afternoon of the 27th. Parliamentary photojournalists

In addition, Chairman Cho said, “In the case of the people’s power, Assemblyman Hong Jun-pyo and former lawmaker Yoo Seung-min are not seen very well, so the atmosphere does not come together.”

He continued, “In particular, Song Young-gil, the leader of the Democratic Party, is also showing an active election campaign.”

When asked if there was any special message about Candidate Yoon’s visit to Daejang-dong, Chairman Cho said, “Actually, two people have recently passed away in connection with ‘Daejang-dong Gate’ and ‘Illegal Gate’. It seems that there was a judgment that it was not quite right for politicians and presidential candidates to appear indifferent even though people are dying about it,” he said.

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