Cho Min, the daughter of former Minister Cho Kuk, was rejected from the additional application for the Gyeongsang National University Hospital major.

Jo Min, the daughter of former Justice Minister Cho Kuk, enters the regional cancer center of Gyeongsang National University Hospital in Jinju, Gyeongnam on the afternoon of the 17th for an interview with a medical doctor (first year resident) in 2022. News 1

Jo Min, 30, the daughter of former Justice Minister Cho Kuk, applied for a major at Gyeongsang National University Hospital, but was rejected.

On the 18th, Gyeongsang National University Hospital announced on its website the successful candidates for the additional recruitment for the 2022 major (first year resident). However, Cho’s name was not on the list of successful applicants.

On the afternoon of the 17th, the hospital conducted interviews with three people including Cho, who applied exclusively to the Department of Emergency Medicine, which selects two people, one internal medicine doctor and one surgeon. On the same day, the day of the announcement of successful applicants, only the admissions for internal medicine and surgery were announced on the website. Written test (40%), interview (15%), internship performance (30%), and medical school grades (15%) were reflected in the evaluation.

The exact reason for Cho’s disqualification was not known. However, it is reported that there was a negative atmosphere among the members of Gyeongsang National University Hospital about Cho’s acceptance. Cho had previously applied for a resident application for emergency medicine at Myongji Hospital in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province last month, but was rejected. At that time, the number of applicants for the department to which Mr. Cho applied was two, and the competition ratio was 1:1, but only one finally passed.

While each hospital to which Cho is applying is struggling one after another, Pusan ​​National University will hold a hearing on the cancellation of Cho’s admission to the medical school on the 20th. Previously, in August of last year, Pusan ​​National University made a preliminary administrative disposition to cancel admission to a medical graduate school because the information that Mr. Cho wrote in his admissions documents was not true.

Hearings are conducted privately as a procedure in which administrative agencies, such as universities, directly listen to the opinions of the parties and examine evidence before disqualification, such as disqualification. On the 27th of last month, Pusan ​​National University notified Cho to attend the hearing.

An official from Pusan ​​National University said, “It is not known exactly whether Mr. Cho will appear in the hearing or a representative will come, but the hearing procedure will be held.” “He said.

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