Cho Seung-hwan, the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries, inspects ports… Responding to unprecedented situations

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Cho Seung-hwan presided over a video conference to check port operations at the Sejong Government Complex on the 30th, the week after the cargo strike.

As the emergency alert in land cargo transportation has been upgraded to a serious level, Minister Cho checked the issues that require additional measures and reviewed the emergency transportation measures currently being implemented.

At the critical level of the emergency warning, all coastal transport can be temporarily allowed for foreign shipping companies, and yard tractor vehicles that can only operate within the wharf can operate on the road outside the wharf.

In the event of an operational disruption due to an increase in the storage rate (the ratio of containers actually stored to the container storage capacity of the port), emergency measures such as compulsory removal of cargo can be implemented.

Minister Cho said at the meeting that day, “It is an unprecedented situation where a severe emergency alert level is issued and an order to resume work is issued.”

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