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Chod-Es cleared the drama at the end of Sida Basket making it difficult to please everyone. There is no right-wrong

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Two organizers, P’ Chod Saithip – S. Worarit, cleared the drama at the end of Sida Baskets, saying that it’s difficult to please everyone. Saying that there is no right-wrong, good at watching Green, booking a queue as a continuous camp heroine

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The Sida cable car farewell with beautiful soaring ratings. Made two organizers change camp 2018 Chod Saithip Montrikul Na Ayutthaya and S Worarit Waijeanai Smiling cheeks, including the leading actress and female heroine Green Asadaporn Siriwatthanakul who plays the leading dance, a character that makes the audience both hate and pity The organizers never stop complimenting on the performance of the show. Ready to clear the issue to become the heroine Luk Rak already. Continuous work with the camp

Most recently, on November 24, 2021, two organizers, including Green Girl Who came to fitting the new drama “Cham Chad” of Change Camp 2018 at One Shot Studio in Chokchai 4 area opened up to the press about the final trend of Sida Baskets, although it passed away with high ratings. But it made many people disappointed with the ending, not least.

The drama ratings, Sida Baskets, ended beautifully? S : “I must say it exceeded my expectations. Every time I work, I expect it to work out well. But in the end we don’t know the outcome. The audience will be the one giving us the answer, which we really appreciate. Because the Sida cable car is the first time we have to stop broadcasting in the middle of the car. The first round had already aired 7 episodes, the trend was very good and had to stop for several months. But on stopping back and forth, the audience was still watching us.”

Shout : “The ending rating was 6.8, which we ended up doing in the same way. There were a lot of people talking about the ending of the Sita basket. But we want to say that it would be difficult if it will make the ending come out to everyone’s liking. Because each person has different ideas. There may be many people who wonder why the dance did not die together or get more results. But in our opinion, working people see that the life of the dance is really leading. Always try to communicate in the script that the lead dancer is not evil. Then the dancer is the one who does not forgive himself. He constantly blamed himself for being born like this. mom is like this is to blame everyone So he made his life like this. We just want to communicate that whenever a person can forgive and forgive himself. including being able to forgive and forgive others Life can be happy as well. This is our intention from the working people’s corner. But I understand that there may be many people who feel that it is evil, it must die, go mad, or go to jail, that’s it, thank you. in every review Because that shows that everyone cares about the character. But as I said, there is no right or wrong. No matter what anyone thinks which, by chance, we chose to think this way.”

S : “The person who receives karma like a dance If dramatically, he received karma from what he had done, both his mother died and he couldn’t walk. which is a lot So it wouldn’t be too bad that a person who had made a mistake in the past And if he could think of turning back and he will begin to be happy again We see that today, in Thai society, it is also necessary that we give opportunity and give hope. To make the audience feel that this person is feeling bad about my life? I must be worse Or I won’t be able to get back up. If I’m the bad guy, I’m going to keep being the bad guy. And will my end be only hopeless? The drama of our camp will always have a hidden message. For this, we want the audience to feel guilty and then be able to turn around. Life still has opportunities and hopes waiting.”

Many people think that the drama ends too soon or not. Should be able to go on for a few more episodes? S : “It’s over early? In fact, all 16 episodes were broadcast. Originally it was only 12 (laughs).”

Shout : “Well, maybe there are still a lot of people having fun. still want to see more But the party must have an end date. Asked if it ended according to the novel, in fact, I have to say that it’s very different from the novel as well, which Khun Kritsana Asokesin (the author of the novel) also watched. He also sent a message saying that he was still going to bring his own novel to read again. It’s fun. in putting things Nana was in the process of making the script. Let’s talk and think from the beginning that it’s like this. Not stretching, not shrinking anything.”

As a player What do you think about the ending of the lead dance? green : “Actually, I think like S. Chod said it all. As for the various opinions, this depends. That is, we are not going to determine whether this opinion is right or wrong. There is no right or wrong word at all. It’s all about giving and forgiving. Green sees the drama as one that represents society rather than giving society a glimpse into what each person’s life is like. This is considered my own masterpiece because I’ve never turned the role to play badly before. This is the first time we are fully committed. But we are just a part of the drama. In fact, this drama is fun, mellow, and works well because of everyone. people working together”

Is Green now the number one lover? Shout : “Actually, there are a lot of love children. I love everyone. We have to love everyone because we do a lot of dramas. There are not many Thai actors, especially skilled ones. As for Green, after finishing the Sita cable car, there are still 2 more stories. Ask him what he saw. Everyone in this country saw it all. He’s a really talented person.”

S : “Q Green is not available anymore. You don’t have to ask, the queue is with us (laughs).”

How do you feel when Chod is affectionate? green : “Thank you very much, as we have just come to play with the change for the first time, which is the Sita basket story. We know that we have to prove our skills. We do our best as we can. and focus on it Including respect for the play, the work and the audience, the result is according to the goal.”

Shout : “In addition to acting ability It must be a matter of willingness to work together. This doesn’t mean Green alone. But it means the whole team that makes the drama come out well.”

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