Choi Jun-hee Embraces Food and Shares her Diet Journey: A Gluttonous Food Lover’s Transformation

Choi Jun-hee Embraces Her Love for Food, Indulges as a Glutton

By Sang-geun Yoon | September 24, 2023 | 18:42

Renowned daughter of the late Choi Jin-sil, Choi Jun-hee, leaves no doubt about her love for food as she unabashedly reveals her gluttonous side.

On the 24th, Choi Jun-hee boldly stated, “Diets are destined to fail. However, delicious food never disappoints,” accompanied by photos of the sumptuous dishes she was relishing.

The enticing photos unveiled McDonald’s packaging bags, snacks, and mouth-watering fried skewers.

In addition, Choi Jun-hee excitedly shared her upcoming travel plans, exclaiming, “Let’s go to Busan!”

Choi Jun-hee's food photos
Choi Jun-hee's food photos

Previously, on the 20th, Choi Jun-hee released a video titled “Body Profile Q&A Diet for 80 Days?” on her YouTube channel, ‘Dunhi’.

In the video, Choi Jun-hee candidly discusses her motivation for embarking on this challenge. “As a diet influencer, maintaining the same weight has become monotonous. I am not the type who enjoys pain, and I grew tired of my weight. I yearned for a fresh change. I wasn’t satisfied with my current weight and wanted to test my limits,” she confessed.

Choi Jun-hee's transformation

Choi Jun-hee revealed, “At that time, my height was 170 cm, and my weight fluctuated between 53 and 54 kg. I was not considered overweight. I dedicated approximately 80 days to this endeavor. If I had given myself about 120 days, I could have executed it flawlessly, but due to the urgency to capture pictures, I decided to expedite the process. Consequently, I managed to shedded 7 kg in just one day,” she revealed.

Elaborating on her diet, Choi Jun-hee clarified, “I consumed approximately 900 to 1,100 kcal. Initially, I incorporated more vegetables and meat into my usual eating habits, not severely cutting back on carbohydrates. However, I gradually reduced carb intake as the days went by.”

Choi Jun-hee further shared the challenges she faced during the diet. “Adjusting my diet proved to be extremely difficult. More challenging than the deprivation of food was the temptation of alcohol. When I went out for drinks, I not only had to resist indulging in snacks, but I also substituted any alcoholic beverages with water,” she confessed. “I typically drink four to five times a week, and not being able to enjoy alcohol as usual made the task even harder. However, I find solace in the fact that I don’t experience intense hangovers or get intoxicated quickly, allowing me to truly relish the act of drinking,” she added.

Reflecting on her journey, Choi Jun-hee expressed, “It was undeniably challenging. At times, I question why I put myself through it, but upon completion, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride. My self-esteem has significantly increased. This is a trial worth undertaking at least once in a lifetime,” she concluded.

Choi Jun-hee proud of her achievement

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Reporter Sang-geun Yoon | 2023.09.24 18:42

/Photo = Choi Jun-hee YouTube
Choi Jun-hee, daughter of the late Choi Jin-sil, who admitted to being a food lover, also clearly showed her side as a glutton.

On the 24th, Choi Jun-hee said, “Diets are bound to fail,” and “But delicious food never fails,” and posted photos of the food he was eating.

The photo featured McDonald’s packaging bags, snacks and fried skewers.

Choi Jun-hee also revealed that he is about to go on a trip, saying, “Let’s go to Busan.”

/Photo=Choi Jun-hee/Photo=Choi Jun-hee YouTube
Previously, on the 20th, Choi Jun-hee posted ‘Body Profile Q&A diet for 80 days?’ via YouTube channel ‘Dunhi’. work out? Suggestions? Tan? wear? When you get your period? Water fasting? Body Change? A video entitled ‘How to maintain it’ was released.

In the video, Choi Jun-hee talks about the process of preparing the body profile and says, “Actually, I work as a diet influencer, but I’m tired of maintaining the same weight every time. I not that type who enjoys pain, and I’m tired of my weight. I needed a new change. “I wasn’t satisfied with my current weight and I wanted to test my limits,” he said.

/Photo = Choi Jun-hee YouTube
Choi Jun-hee continued, “At the time, my height was 170 cm and my weight varied between 53 and 54 kg. I was not that fat. I prepared for about 80 days. I would have done it perfectly if I would have taken about 120 days to do it, but I wanted to take pictures quickly and I wanted to take pictures quickly.” “I got down to 47kg in one day,” he said.

Choi Jun-hee explained, “I ate about 900 to 1,100 kcal. In the beginning, I ate more vegetables and meat from my usual diet,” and added, “I didn’t restrict carbohydrates so much and u decrease as the days go by. .”

Choi Jun-hee said, “I was very hungry while adjusting my diet. More than the difficulty of not being able to eat food, I liked alcohol so much that when I went out to drink, not only could I to not eat snacks, but I only had to drink water.” He added, “I usually drink 4 ~ 4 times a week. “I drink it 5 times. It was harder because I don’t have much of a hangover and I don’t get drunk. quickly so I enjoy drinking,” he said.

Choi Jun-hee said, “It’s really hard. I don’t know why I did it, but I feel like crying.” He added, “But after doing it, I feel so proud. I feeling proud of myself. My self-esteem increases a lot. It’s a challenge worth doing at least once in your life.”

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