Choi Min-hwan, who returned to Yul-hee’s idol body, does not have to wear heart-flowing underwear.

‘Salim Nam’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture)

Yul-hee fell in love with Choi Min-hwan, who returned to the idol’s body.

On the evening of the 17th, KBS 2TV’s ‘The Household Men Season 2’ showed dad Choi Min-hwan taking care of the FT Island concert ahead of time.

On this day, Yul-hee showed a happy smile to Choi Min-hwan, who returned from the preparations for the concert, saying, “I can see Choi Min-hwan’s idol because my brother continues to manage it. ” Then, Yul-hee admired Choi Min-hwan’s strong upper body and joked, “Why is he so big. Don’t you have to wear underwear?”

Next, Choi Min-hwan showed himself taking care of his body by doing push-ups, and A-yoon and Jae-yul rushed in, creating a friendly atmosphere. Next, Jaeyul, who saw Choi Min-hwan, who controls his diet with sweet potatoes, comforted him by saying, “Dad, it’s not okay.”

By Shin Ji-won, staff reporter for Tenasia

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