Choi Min-soo reveals the reason for attending Lee Sang-min’s divorce conference… “I didn’t know how to get out”

Reporter Chae Tae-byeong of Money Today | 2023.03.15 07:16

/Photo = SBS Entertainment ‘Take off your shoes and sing to a man’

Actor Choi Min-soo (61) revealed that he didn’t know how to get out of Lee Sang-min’s divorce press conference, so he kept his seat.

On the 14th, SBS entertainment ‘Take Off Your Shoes, Dolsing For Man’ appeared as a guest in the film ‘Woongnam’ director Park Seong-gwang and lead actor Choi Min-soo.

On this day, Choi Min-soo remembered the moment he attended Lee Sang-min’s divorce press conference. He said, “There were reporters gathered, so I went in and it was a divorce press conference. I didn’t know how to get out, so I just stayed there.”

When MC Tak Jae-hun asked, “Didn’t you know how to get out of here?”, Choi Min-soo replied “yes” and laughed. Choi Min-soo said, “I had to be present to be there,” and “Sang-min is my only younger brother, so I kept my seat.”

To this, Tak Jae-hoon said, “I know you have many younger siblings, but wouldn’t the other younger siblings be upset if I said that?” Choi Min-soo replied, “I have to say that each of my younger siblings is unique. Because when I go here, I will have to receive pocket money (from my younger brothers and sisters)” he said.

/Photo = SBS Entertainment ‘Take off your shoes and sing to a man’

Next, Lee Sang-min said, “The only reason I had to admit Choi Min-soo’s bluff was that he suffered it without wearing a gas mask in the chemical and biological room.” Tak Jae-hoon, who saw a photo of Choi Min-soo entering the CBR training ground without a gas mask, was shocked and said, “This is a wrong idea.”

Choi Min-soo explained, “(During filming), I went in without even knowing it.”

He said honestly, “I was worried about the children in the chemical and biological room,” and “So I went in without knowing it, and I still regret it. If the same situation happens, I won’t go in even if I die.”

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