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Choi Seong-bong cancels ‘1 billion funding’ due to false cancer battle allegations (comprehensive)

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Amid the controversy surrounding singer Choi Seong-bong’s false cancer battle, the crowdfunding for Choi Seong-bong’s album has been cancelled.

On the 13th, crowdfunding platform Wadiz posted a notice and revealed the background of Choi Seongbong’s crowdfunding cancellation.

The Wadiz Trust and Safety Team said, “On the 7th, we checked the issue of the cancer-fighting suspicion through an external channel, and on the 8th, according to the ‘Funding Service Maker Terms and Conditions’, we requested the maker to verify the facts.” On the 12th, the maker announced its intention to cancel the project due to the situation in which it was difficult to continue the project.”

In addition, “Wadiz will confirm the fact in accordance with Article 10 of the Funding Service Maker Terms of Use and Reporting Policy 5.2 if it is recognized that it is necessary to check whether the contents disclosed by the maker on the project page match the facts or if a report is made by the reporter. We are taking measures to cancel the project if false facts are recognized.” Wadiz requested the maker to confirm the facts along with the evidence for the ‘fight against cancer’ posted in the project story, but the maker refused to continue the project. We have expressed our intention to cancel the project on our own due to difficult circumstances.”

Wadiz said, “The maker’s project will be terminated on the 13th, and payment will not be made for the supporters who participated in the funding because the project was not successful.” We ask for your understanding for causing concern.”

Choi Seong-bong, through Wadiz since the 17th of last month, produced and released a full-length album and music video for singer Choi Seong-bong, who runs towards his dream between life and death. ‘, aimed at funding. At the time, Choi Seong-bong said, “The goal of funding was 1 billion won.” However, after allegations of false cancer fights were raised, the funding was canceled.

Recently, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho posted on the ‘Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho’ channel, ‘Shock! Choi Seong-bong’s transcript released… A video titled ‘The Reality of a False Cancer Fight’ was released, raising suspicions of his false cancer battle. Lee Jin-ho told Choi Seong-bong that it was difficult to find side effects of chemotherapy, and that patient clothes were not used in university hospitals. He also claimed that he had proposed a meeting with a female fan on the same day last Chuseok, and also disclosed the details of the phone call with Choi Seong-bong. In the transcript, Choi Seong-bong, a cancer patient, was accused of drinking and smoking.

Afterwards, Choi Seong-bong denied the allegations raised earlier by disclosing a cancer-fighting diagnosis. Meanwhile, on the 12th, he conducted a live video through his YouTube channel, and after raising suspicions, it was difficult due to malicious comments, implying an extreme choice, shocking me. A 119 rescue team was dispatched to the scene and the situation was rectified.

That night, Jinho Lee once again performed a live broadcast. He said that most of the donation money given to Choi Seong-bong was used for entertainment expenses, and that he should return the donation and start over. At the same time, Choi Seong-bong shocked once again by arguing that the diagnosis that was recently released through the media is also highly likely to be false.

Choi Seong-bong said that he would return the donations to the supporters, but he did not reveal the authenticity of the allegations, adding to the controversy.

On the other hand, Choi Seong-bong was the runner-up singer of tvN’s ‘Korea Got Talent Season 1’ aired in 2011. Earlier this year, the agency said that Choi Seong-bong was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, hypothyroidism and thyroid cancer through a health checkup in May of last year.

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