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Choi Seong-bong will repay the donation money for the lifelong fight against false cancer

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Singer Choi Seong-bong, a former audition program member, confessed belatedly that his battle with cancer was a lie.

According to Xports News on the 29th, Choi Seong-bong said in an apology, “I am not currently battling cancer, and the diagnosis of thyroid cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, lung, liver and kidney metastasis are all false, except for depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. reveal,” he said.

In an apology released by the media, Choi Seong-bong said, “After the airing of ‘Korea’s Got Talent’ in 2011, for the 10 years since the airing of ‘Korea’s Got Talent’, I gave myself the undeserved adjective ‘Icon of Hope’, and gave me false hypocrisy and scandal of battling cancer to everyone who sincerely supported me. I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart for what happened.”

He said, “I did my best to live a life that is not ashamed of the ‘icon of hope’ you gave me, but in fact, I am always anxious and painful about where to give meaning to life and find value.” I have endured for ten years by taking dozens of psychiatric pills every day with just the craving to sing, but my reality is a hellish life where I want to organize my life every day because of the depression and scars that I don’t know where it comes from.”

Choi Seong-bong also said, “I am currently working at a local restaurant to return the donations I received to you.”

He added, “Even if it takes some time, I will pay back the donations I received from you for the rest of my life and live a life of regret for the sin of deceit with hypocrisy.”

Choi Seong-bong made his face known by winning runner-up in the 2011 tvN audition program ‘Korea Got Talent’ Season 1. The story of adversity, such as a native of an orphanage and a chewing gum seller, earned him the nickname ‘Korea’s Pol Potts’.

However, the news of his battle with cancer in January caused fans’ concerns. After that, as it was known that he was suffering from medical expenses, etc., support from fans followed.

Choi Seong-bong expressed his desire to sing and conducted crowdfunding with a goal of 1 billion won. In the midst of this, when suspicions of a ‘false cancer fight’ arose through a YouTuber, he was rescued by the 119 rescue team after showing his extreme choice during a live broadcast on the 12th.


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