Choi Si-hoon, who admired Freesia in a swimsuit, said as if possessed (video)

In the Netflix entertainment program ‘Solo Hell’, viewers are paying attention to couples who show unusual airflow. Choi Si-hoon and Song Ji-a (Freesia) couple are them.

Netflix ‘Solo Hell’

MC Kyuhyun said at a recent press conference, “There will be a full-scale battle from episode 3 onwards. Interest in the opposite sex begins to heat up.” As he predicted, in the 3rd and 4th episodes of ‘Solo Hell’, which was released on the 25th, the love lines of solos began to burn in earnest. Among them, Choi Si-hoon and Song Ji-ah couple attracted the attention of viewers.

Earlier, in a conversation with the male cast, Choi Si-hoon said about Song Ji-ah, “Can I say a word until the end? It’s difficult to approach.” Choi Si-hoon and Song Ji-ah’s matching, which did not bring much expectation, was enough to surprise viewers.

Ji-ah Song and Si-hoon Choi left for Heaven Road and enjoyed dating at the swimming pool and spa. The panelists who watched the couple’s sweet date focused on the two’s pink air currents. MCs Dahee Lee and Kyuhyun said, “Jia doesn’t avert her eyes. Eyes” and “Why do they both look so good together? You can see that they like you so much.”

On a swimsuit date with Song Ji-ah, Choi Si-hoon showed a crush on him, saying, “You’re pretty” as if you were possessed.

Viewers also had a cute suspicion (?) that Choi Si-hoon was ‘Fringi’. Jia Song is a YouTuber with a channel called ‘Freesia’. ‘Fringi’ is his fandom name.

In the Netflix YouTube comments, viewers said, “It’s good to express that you like Choi Si-hoon without hiding it. We support you as the same Pringi”, “Jia is pretty, but that frankly dashing Fringe also looks pretty. I hope this combination will last a long time”, “Mr. Marriage is gone… Anyway, it’s good to see you.”

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Netflix’s entertainment show ‘Solo Hell’ is a love reality program that tells the story of the struggle on the remote island ‘Hell Road’, where you can only go out as a couple. Episodes 5 and 6 will be released on the 1st of next month.

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