Choi Won-jun, Choi Chae-heung, Kim Min-gyu, Son Seong-bin, etc.

Soccer Kim Ji-hyeon, Kang Yun-seong, Kwon Chang-hoon, and Lee Young-jae also enlist as executive officers

KIA Wonjun Choi

[연합뉴스 자료사진]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Shin Chang-yong = 14 professional baseball players, including KIA Tigers outfielder Choi Won-jun and Samsung Lions pitcher Choi Chae-heung, were finally accepted as the first national army representative (Sangmu) players in 2022.

In the final list of successful candidates announced on the 7th by the Armed Forces Sports Unit, there are a total of 14 baseball players.

Pitchers Choi Ji-kwang, Choi Chae-heung (Samsung), Bae Dong-hyun, Oh Dong-wook (Hanwha Eagles), Kim Min-kyu (Doosan Bears), Lee Sang-young (LG Twins), and Bae Min-seo (NC Dinos) were named in the final pass list.

The fielders included catcher Dohwan Kim (Samsung) and Seongbin Son (Lotte Giants), infielders Chanhyung Kim (SSG Landers), Hanmin Cho (Hanwha), Jeongwon Choi (NC), and outfielders Inho Choi (Hanwha) and Wonjun Choi (KIA) were included.

By team, Hanwha has the most with four. Next, 3 people from Samsung, 2 from NC, and 1 from Doosan, LG, SSG, Lotte, and KIA passed. KT Wiz and Kiwoom Heroes were all eliminated.

The 14 successful players of the Sangmu Baseball Team will receive training on the 9th and enlist on the 13th.

Four soccer players passed: Kim Ji-hyeon (Ulsan), Kang Yun-seong (Jeju), Kwon Chang-hoon (Suwon Samsung), and Lee Young-jae (Suwon FC). They will enter the army training center on the 27th.

In addition, four women’s soccer players were accepted as non-commissioned officers, and a total of 132 players were selected in sports such as badminton, archery, weightlifting, tennis, hockey, swimming, and rugby.


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