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Choi Woon-jung, ‘Looking for LPGA championship’ for the first time in 6 years… 1st hit 4th

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Choi Woon-jung, chasing the direction of the ball.


(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kwon Hoon = Choi Woon-jung (31) is challenging for the first time in six years to win the LPGA Tour Championship.

In the third round of the tournament held at the Brown Gom Golf Club (par 73) in Northern Ireland, UK on the 1st (Korean time), Choi Woon-jeong finished with a 2-under-par 71 stroke, finishing in fourth place (12-under-par 206) with only three tied for the lead. hit the round

Pazari Anannarukan (Thailand), who drove 7-under, Jennifer Cupcho (USA), who cut 3, and Emma Toli (USA), who hit an even-par 73, tied for the lead with a 13-under 205.

In this competition, Choi Woon-jung continued to compete for the championship by holding the lead until the third round following a joint lead on the first day and a joint second place on the second day.

Choi Woon-jung experienced an LPGA Tour victory at the 2015 Marathon Classic, but the three co-leaders never won the LPGA Tour.

Choi Woon-Jeong, who missed the green 7 times due to a slightly shaky shot accuracy, played a neat game in which he drew two birdies without bogeying with a sharp short game instead. It was also disappointing that the putt did not follow suit.

Choi Woon-jeong said, “Even with good shots, I couldn’t make a birdie. But I did a good job overcoming the bogey crisis.”

“The goal of the final round tomorrow is to win,” Choi Woon-jeong said, “I hope that both shots and putts go well in the final round.”

Ataya Banditkun (Thailand), who shot 3-under 70, was ranked 5th (10-under 208) by 3 strokes in the lead group.

Kwak Min-seo (31) lost two strokes and moved down to a tie for 17th (6-under-par 212).

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